What are the remedies for Ketu Dosha

Based on this somewhat special time of the lunar nodes and Jupiter themes, I would like to depict a text here that perhaps offers other possibilities for interpretation, or connections with the tropical lunar nodes can be seen. I take the text as it is (from the Vedic Astrologer Siebelt Meyer), because I couldn't explain what makes the effects more understandable. In addition, this author tries very hard to reproduce the original Vedic knowledge (by the scholar Parashar Muni) without mixing up the topics.
Rahu's affiliation (sidereal) is Aquarius as its own sign; Taurus as a sign of exaltation (no specific degrees); Scorpion as a sign of debilitation; In Virgo and Gemini, Rahu is also very strong (Cleverness7Intellect through Mercury's signs) In the signs of lights he is hostile. There is disagreement about the weak signs from various scriptures.

NATURE: Rahu is a natural culprit. In the cabinet of the (Grahas) planets he forms the army together with Ketu. In the Ayurveda Doshas, ​​it is assigned to the Vatta. He makes about his gender and his element assignment Parasharno information, but says that he has similar qualities to Saturn (this is about Rahu's nature)

personalityhe personality of Rahu is described as intelligent. It is very important by which planets he is influenced, as he assumes and enhances their qualities / effects. There is something gripping about his intelligence in the sense that he is fully empowered or grasped at something. He himself can be described as a "heretic", someone who places himself outside the religious and ideological norms and represents unusual, provocative or simply different theses.

Positive characteristics: Intelligent, fearless, unconventional, original, unusual, persistent, persistent, strong bond to achieve goals.
Negative qualities: clinging, biting, not being able to let go, panicked, overpowering, stubborn, strange, fanatical, stubborn, inconsistent, uncompromising (according to "either / or" procedure), disrespectful, reproachful, outrageous, presumptuous, wanting all or nothing, wrong , tricky, play vabanque, ??, put everything on one card, use the utmost means.

body: Rahu makes unsightly or ugly. However, it must always be taken into account to what extent this is modified by other planets. It gives a big, lean body, can cause scars or skin diseases, hysteria or panic. Acute severe pain, accidents and amputations are also assigned to it, as well as all diseases that belong to Saturn.

society: Rahu stands for people who step out of line, who do not correspond to social norms. This includes free spirits as well as outlaws, extraordinary thinkers, as well as liars or associals, criminals, reformers, foreigners, strangers / scary people. The range is very large with him, and you always have to analyze exactly what kind of Rahu you are dealing with in the horoscope. He also stands for the grandfather (on the father's side), ... the grandmother (on the mother's side) (... or vice versa , please don't nail me on it! .. whoever wants to will recognize them), .. Gongleure and Sieler, speculators.
Other assignments: Speculation, foreign languages, scandal, violence, transformation, anarchy, lawlessness, captivity, poison, snakes, insects, black or very dark colors.