Can nihilism be positive and constructive


The educational noun nihilism denotes a worldview that proceeds from the nullity and meaninglessness of everything that exists and is. All positive goals, ideals and values ​​are rejected in this sense, coupled with a complete negation of all norms and values.

Important representatives of the nihilism as a philosophical current are Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger.

The word nihilism is occupied since the 18th century and based on the Latin noun pronoun nihil attributed (nothing).

He justifies his pubescent, notorious saying no on the grounds that he is a follower of nihilism to be.

It's probably the biggest paradox of punk: That this on nihilism and negative-building movement leads to such an eruption of activity and creativity.
- Gerhard Pretting, Culture: Manchester 1976, Brandeins, 08/2005

That is why the question of guilt arises differently than in tragedy. Because the tragic situation in Iraq is not fatefully imposed by gods, but made by terrorists. You want to kill. So they are to blame for the dead. They place themselves outside of morality, so you shouldn't let them force you to make a moral decision. Otherwise the logic of violence wins: the nihilist kills, but accuses others. Who this nihilism gives in, will always be the inferior.
- Evelyn Fingern, Second Warning, DIE ZEIT Nº 37/2014

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