What is the advantage of science

Advantages and benefits

1. The further training offers

  • interlink current findings from university research and teaching at the TH Köln with practice-relevant questions,
  • are based on social needs and current and future-oriented topics in the labor market,
  • are based on the professional practice of the participants and aim at a sustainable transfer of knowledge into the professional practice of the graduates,
  • are designed for the target group and are based on a coordinated concept in the sense of "Constructive Alignment" in which the teaching and learning methods, exam formats and learning outcomes relate to one another.

2. The lecturers

  • are characterized by a high level of professional competence and relate to current topics and knowledge from science and research,
  • have methodical and didactic knowledge of adult education and apply this in further training,
  • relate in their questions and practical examples to professionally relevant topics,
  • are active in research and teaching or come from professional practice and are experts in their respective fields.

3. The participants

  • receive individual advice before and during further training,
  • are professionally supported by the lecturers during the training,
  • actively contribute their knowledge, experience and questions from professional practice to the seminar,
  • receive subject-related learning and study materials during the training, which they use for the preparation and follow-up of the classroom seminars and for any course and examination work that may arise,
  • After completing further training, they receive a qualified certificate of attendance or a university certificate, depending on the scope of any study and examination achievements.

4. The employers

  • strengthen and secure the competitiveness of your company and the quality of the work performed by your staff through further training of your employees
  • benefit from the professional and personal development of their employees, who, as graduates of our advanced training courses, bring innovative knowledge and important impulses from science and research to the company and make an important contribution to the exchange between science and business.

Are you interested in a tailor-made offer for your company / organization? We would be happy to design a needs-based training program for you.

5. Quality assurance and development

  • is ensured by continuous evaluations, which serve to constantly review the learning content and learning conditions,
  • is supplemented by the assessment and accreditation of accreditation agencies for further education courses of the TH Köln