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Hawaii is 3,682 km southwest of the US west coast. A total of 137 islands and coral reefs with a total area of ​​16,625 km² belong to Hawaii, but most of them are not or no longer inhabited. The seven largest and most inhabited islands are (from west to east): Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and Hawaii (Big Island). In purely geographical terms, Hawaii is not assigned to the American continent, but as part of Polynesia, the island world of Oceania. The Hawaiian Islands have around 1.2 million inhabitants and the capital and largest city of the archipelago is Honolulu with around 390,000 inhabitants.


Hawaii is in the outer northern tropics. The climate is mild and balanced due to the prevailing northeast trade winds. In contrast to the humid, wind-facing sides with their tropical vegetation, the wind-turned sides of the islands remain relatively dry. There are no distinct seasons on the islands of Hawaii. In the months of October to March it rains more than in the rest of the year. The maximum temperatures in the capital are over 30 degrees in the summer months and in the winter months it usually doesn't get colder than 18 degrees.

Best travel time

Thanks to the pleasantly warm climate, Hawaii is a year-round vacation destination. In summer (April-November) it is mostly dry and nice and warm with temperatures around 30 degrees and also in winter (April-November) it remains relatively dry and pleasantly warm with temperatures of 18 to 26 degrees. January through early April is the best time to go whale watching off Hawaii. November through February is the best time to surf the northern shores of Hawaii. It is advisable to travel to Hawaii outside of the US vacations.

Medical advice & care

There are no special vaccination regulations for Hawaii, it is generally advisable to check the standard vaccinations (see Robert Koch Institute) when traveling. The Federal Foreign Office currently recommends hepatitis A and hepatitis B travel vaccinations.

Medical care in Hawaii is very good, but expensive. International health insurance, which also organizes and takes care of repatriation in an emergency, should definitely be taken out before the start of the journey and a first-aid kit with medicines for personal use should be brought along.


The national language in Hawaii is English. Only a few employees in hotels can speak German.

Entry requirements

The USA's entry regulations apply to Hawaii. We have collected all the important information for you under travel preparation.

Money / currency

The currency in Hawaii is the American dollar (US $). Common credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are accepted as means of payment almost everywhere and travelers' checks are accepted by many banks and some shops.


The spectrum of possible activities on the islands of Hawaii is as broad as the diversity of the individual islands. Spectacular whale watching, mountain biking, mountain and coastal walks as well as all imaginable water sports, such as snorkeling, surfing, diving, boat trips, fishing, kayaking and parasailing are offered. Beautifully situated and challenging golf courses are waiting to be played by you. Shopping is very important in the island centers and numerous cultural offers will impress you. You can also relax wonderfully and enjoy the sun all year round on the fabulous and partly pristine beaches. We recommend that you take part in "island hopping" to get to know the special features of the islands. The holiday is rounded off by an exciting and varied entertainment, wellness and sports program at the many all-inclusive resorts and hotels.


Hawaii - the paradise for every surfer! Whether waves as high as a house for professional surfers or half-meter breaks for beginners, the surfer's heart beats faster in Hawaii. Visit the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing which takes place every December and be there when the world's best surfers compete in the world-famous surfing competition. The most spectacular spots can be found on the north coast of Oahu, for example in Haleiwa or on Sunset Beach.

Whale watching

Between December and April, between Maui, Lanai, and Molokai, the Auau Channel is one of the best places in the world for whale watching. The ports of the various islands are the starting point for numerous whale watching tours. Various whale watching tours start several times a day in small and large ships, during which you can marvel at humpback whales, which are most frequently sighted in this area.


Shopping is very important in the island centers, especially in the markets as well as in the galleries and malls of the islands you will find typical Hawaiian designs, nice souvenirs and handicrafts. But one thing should definitely not be missing: an original Hawaiian shirt! Honolulu has the best shopping opportunities along Kalakaua Avenue, for example, where you can also find the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

Getting married & honeymoon

Aloha with butterflies in your stomach! Spend your honeymoon or even your dream wedding in Hawaii. Experience wonderful days as a newly wed couple and enjoy the special atmosphere of the individual islands. Molokai, Maui and Kauai in particular offer special retreats for newly in love couples. We would be happy to organize your individual honeymoon or dream honeymoon for you.

time shift

Hawaii has its own time zone: Hawaii Standard Time. The time difference between Germany and Hawaii is 11 hours in winter and 10 hours in summer because the clocks in Hawaii are not changed.