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Travel ban: Wienerin is being held in Turkey

Ankara / Vienna. Mülkiye Lacin, who is of Kurdish origin from Vienna, is not allowed to leave Turkey. The Kurd was arrested during her summer vacation on suspicion of terrorism, reported "Zeit im Bild 2" on Friday evening. She is stuck in a small village in Turkey, her children are fighting to be released.

According to the ORF report, Lacin emigrated to Austria in 1984, worked as a teacher in an elementary school and was involved in a Kurdish theater group in this country. During her vacation, she was visited by a special unit of the Turkish police in her vacation home on July 17 and arrested for 24 hours. Since then, she has not been allowed to leave Turkey.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed to the "Austria Presse Agentur" that the woman had been banned from leaving the country and that Turkey was conducting proceedings against her. The Austrian embassy in Ankara is in contact with the Turkish authorities. But these have not yet indicated what Lacin is accused of, said Foreign Office spokesman Peter Guschelbauer. Austria called for the proceedings to be terminated.

Lacin himself said in a telephone conversation with her two adult children in the television report: "I don't know what will happen to me tomorrow. This lack of clarity and uncertainty worries me." Her son Düzgün Kapan emphasized that his mother "is an Austrian citizen and has not blamed herself."

"Free Mülkiye Solidarity Committee"

In the meantime, the "Free Mülkiye Solidarity Committee" is working to ensure that the Turkish authorities lift the travel ban and that Mülkiye Lacin can return to her normal life. "We demand immediate action from those politically responsible for their release!" Said Selma Schacht for the committee on Friday in a broadcast. Lacin was quoted there as saying: "I want to have my everyday life again. I want to go back to my job, to the children and to my own children. I want to go home, to Vienna."

The committee emphasized that there were still no written indictments against Lacin. During the interrogation of Lacin, the arrest was "justified on the basis of arbitrary charges". She was accused of "using her freedom of speech on May 1, 2016, to draw attention to the grievances in the Kurdish areas in Turkey, as well as sharing Kurdish songs on social media and saying 'Biji Newroz' (Kurdish for" Long live that New Year's Festival "). An act that is already classified as 'suspected of terrorism' in Turkey and is sad everyday life for those" who are in political opposition to the ruling AKP of President Recep Tayyip Erdogans. (apa)