What are some short prayers of happiness

Evening prayers

My requests to God

God almighty father
leave me in this evening hour
ask for all that
what we humans want from our hearts
and need to live:
For bread on the table every day
for food and drink,
good health
and a safe way
a habitable house
for every person.

I beg you:
for the light of our eyes
about the air we breathe
about the voice with which we speak
for sun and rain in due time,
about the germination of nature.

I ask you for that
what we need most:
for the affection of our fellow human beings,
for the loyalty of our friends,
for the generosity of all,
that we have offended
for the love of those who are close to us.
I beg you:
To ensure a secure future for all children
happy days for our old ones,
the joy of our work,
for patience in case of failure,
for peace on earth.

I pray for all who are in need
most essential,
for the recovery of our sick,
a good chance for the failed ones,
for new trust for the disappointed,
about justice for the untalented
and abused.

I beg you,
that we ourselves do what is good
that we prefer the truth to the lie,
that we should face difficulties
leave no one in the lurch
that we don't slander each other
and mock.

Good God, accept my intercessions
and get ready for everything
what comes from you. Amen.