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On Saturday, April 24th, the next episode of “Because they don't know what's happening!” Will be broadcast on RTL. Again without Günther Jauch. Another participant is canceled due to Corona.

Update from April 25, 8:49 a.m.: Now it is finally over: Günther Jauch reported on the show "Because they don't know what is happening" and gives the all-clear for his corona disease. "I have now practically been tested a few hours too late, as the saying goes, otherwise I could have been there this evening," said the moderator in the live link of the show. "From now on I'm negative again, and so I've got over it," he continued and turned to anti-vaccination opponents * on the live show, such as extratipp.de reported. He immediately pleaded that as many as possible should be vaccinated. “We'll really only get rid of the crap if as many of us as possible get vaccinated. And I think it is now actually of secondary importance with which vaccine this happens. "

Even to Thomas Gottschalk's question as to whether one should take the risk of getting Corona, Jauch, who has just recovered, has a clear answer: "No, I wouldn't take it." He himself didn't feel well for 14 days and I am now pleased that the sense of taste and smell are slowly returning.

Concern about Günther Jauch continues: next TV appearance canceled

Update from April 24th, 10:20 pm: Günther Jauch is missing for the third time in the show “Because they don't know what's going to happen”. He continues to struggle with his coronavirus infection. But he is no longer alone with this. Two participants in the show are now infected with the corona virus. Commentator and referee Thorsten Schorn is also missing on Saturday.

"Today I tested positive for the corona virus and therefore now in quarantine," he announced to RTL. But it seems to be open. “I'm fine so far,” said Schorn. Employee René Kacnizcek represents today as an arbitrator. And at the moderation table? There is a prominent premiere: TV chef Tim Mälzer has to prove his moderation skills. "It's definitely my first Saturday evening moderation - maybe my last," he joked a little excitedly at the beginning of the show.

Update from April 24th, 5:11 p.m .: Now it is certain: Günther Jauch will also miss the third broadcast of “Because they don't know what's happening!” On Saturday, April 24th. "Even two weeks after his infection, Jauch has not yet been able to fight the virus," says RTL. He therefore remains in quarantine at home. Barbara Schöneberger and Thomas Gottschalk had to do without their colleagues in the first two shows. How RTL and i & u TV will replace him this week is not yet known.

Concern about Günther Jauch continues - next TV appearance is on the brink

Update from April 21, 11:20 a.m .: Oh, oh - will Günther Jauch miss another TV show due to his Covid-19 infection? It is the first time in 31 years that the moderator had to be absent due to illness, like Bunte.de reported. Also in the upcoming RTL show: “Because you don't know what's happening!” On Saturday, April 24th, Günther Jauch may not be there again. The reason: He has not yet completely cured the infection. In response to an interview request from the picture-Zeitung replied an RTL spokesman: "Whether Günther Jauch will return to the show on Saturday is still open."

Günther Jauch has Corona: New concern about the TV presenter - "Virus values ​​are bad"

First report from April 18, 10:35 a.m .: Cologne - On Saturday evening (April 17th), many viewers followed the popular RTL show “Because they don't know what's happening!”. This is about the popular moderators Thomas Gottschalk, Günther Jauch and Barbara Schöneberger, who have to face difficult tasks in the show. And as the name of the show suggests, none of them know how the recording ultimately goes. Meanwhile, the moderators find out which guests are on site and who is moderating the entertainment show. But this time too, the TV viewers had to do without a leading actor: Günther Jauch. The reason: the 64-year-old was infected with the corona virus and is currently in quarantine. In a live link on the show, the moderator reports on the course of the infection.

“Because they don't know what's happening!” (RTL): Günther Jauch reports on the negative course of the Corona

For the second time, Günther Jauch is not in the “Because they don't know what's happening!” Show and is brought into the studio via a live link. "I think RTL is already thinking about how to keep me in an eternal quarantine," laughs Jauch. Because the ratings last Saturday (April 10th) on the first show without him were pretty good. When asked how he is currently doing with his corona disease, the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” presenter replies: “In principle, I'm fine too, but I am told that I'm not doing so well. The virus values ​​are bad ". For Günther Jauch, this still means that he has to remain in quarantine at home.

Günther Jauch has Corona: will the presenter be at the next show?

Jauch continues to emphasize: "I just have to be patient". There is nothing else left to him - after all, health is the most important thing. But the moderator remains positive and continues to make a good impression on the live broadcast. The hope that he can be part of the upcoming “Because they don't know what's going to happen!” Show is of course great. In the social networks, too, the users wish the moderator a speedy recovery. An update on whether Jauch will be part of the upcoming show will appear in the next few days. * tz.de and extratipp.de are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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