What kind of students do teachers value

There is always time for friendliness and praise

1. Appreciate the students
Those who do not feel valued and lack recognition learn less well. It is the same for us as adults - but it is mainly children and young people who suffer from it. Students who receive attention, who are seen and respected, can tap their potential and sometimes outgrow themselves.

In everyday school life, teachers can express their appreciation in many ways: by treating students with friendliness, respect and understanding regardless of their performance. By gladly expressing honest praise and building on the strengths of the students even under stress, instead of messing around with their weaknesses. Listening calmly and attentively, taking the time and patience for personal conversations with the students and being genuinely interested in them are also part of this.

2. Appreciate colleagues
Appreciation of the “drug” is so good that you can happily pass it around in the staff. Many colleagues will be happy to receive honest praise for a good project idea and will gladly accept a thank you, for example for helping out on the hiking day or at the school party. It is all the better if the school anchors an attitude of appreciation for itself: through a few sentences in the official school program, through a poster campaign with the students or, for example, through a wide range of working groups that take the various talents of the students seriously and promote.

3. Appreciate the parents
Teachers who approach their parents with respect are not only professionally up-to-date, but will also achieve more pedagogically. Because only when teachers and parents stand together behind the learning and upbringing goals can a good upbringing succeed.

Usually there is only a long conversation with the parents when something is not going well at school. Positive feedback about your child is good for all parents. If a pupil stands out for her fair behavior towards her classmates, if a pupil has mastered a task well or is particularly enthusiastic about a subject - pass on praise to the parents. If the reason for a discussion with parents is serious problems, nevertheless make it clear that you appreciate the student and also emphasize positive things.

4. During the school day
Start the day for yourself and your students with a helping of appreciation. Taking the time to say hello to the classroom and a few personal words is good for everyone. Maybe playfully, by throwing a small ball in a circle with you and your students. At the end of the school day, it is also a good idea to ask the group what the students particularly appreciated about each other or what they liked in class.

5. Over the course of a school year
A school year has many moments that are suitable for special appreciation. How about giving each student a little souvenir from the summer vacation right at the beginning of the new school year? A seashell from the beach or a small toy typical of the country - perhaps combined with a handwritten greeting and encouragement for the coming school year.

The birthdays of the students are also a good way to show them appreciation with a small ritual such as a song sung together or a cake meal. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year - get creative!

6. If the appreciation doesn't work out
Despite all efforts, you will always come up against your limits and have the feeling that the rebellious student or the grumpy colleague doesn't seem to care about the appreciation you try so hard for. If a situation seems to get lost at the moment, it helps to simply withdraw: “For today I don't have the patience and the right words. Let's talk about it again in the next few days. ”This often brings a lot more than just getting into a heated situation.

If you have the feeling for a long time that you have not received any positive feedback at all to your appreciative attitude, do not lose heart. Some things take time. In the meantime, there are a few ways to help yourself through the low: to exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues, to be helped by a supervision or to regain praise and satisfied school moments.