What should I add to my bedroom


The bedroom is arguably where most people spend most of their time. That's why you should really feel at home there. With our wide range of interior design options, we offer you numerous options for designing your bedroom according to your wishes.

There are no limits to the implementation of your ideas. From the selection of materials for the walls and floors to architectural features, we support the implementation of your ideas. For example, if you would like a prefabricated house with a romantic bay window to set up a four-poster bed, we will plan this in advance. Or does your dream bedroom have a balcony facing the rising sun? That can also be implemented.

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Coherent design inside and out

Perhaps you are also inspired by the design of your prefabricated house. Especially in prefabricated houses with very functional lines, it can look very chic to continue this style in the interior design. With stone floors in muted colors and matching decorative elements on the wall, you ensure a consistent design. If, on the other hand, the house is kept in natural colors, warm wood tones may be recommended for the floor and ceiling.

In all of this, however, an undisturbed night's sleep should always be in the foreground. After all, a good night's sleep is and will remain the main purpose of a bedroom. House dust allergy sufferers in particular should of course make sure that you choose suitable materials for the floor and walls that are easy to clean.

Think about the future furnishing as early as the planning stage

In addition, when planning, you should already give one or two thoughts about the future setup. After all, it would be a shame if the decorative elements later disappear behind a large cupboard or if furniture that is too bulky creates a feeling of tightness.

Regardless of how you imagine your ideal bedroom and how you want to design your bedroom, together with our consultants you will create the best conditions for many relaxing and pleasant nights. We offer you a wide range of materials and furnishing elements with which you can create your dream bedroom.