Can Online Businesses Succeed Without Facebook

How Facebook becomes a success factor for your company

Make sure that the profile reflects your company philosophy. A Facebook presence that gives users a misleading picture of your company stands in the way of success and can ultimately lead to you losing customers.

authenticity plays an important role - in planning, setting up and also maintaining your Facebook company page. It is also crucial to prepare information and contributions appropriately and interestingly and to offer unique content. The following tips show how best to do this:

  • Use timeline and profile images that underline the corporate design - the appearance of your company.
  • Provide visitors with all the important information about your company and make sure you also include the imprint. This makes the company appear more trustworthy to users.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to adapt the URL of your page (from 25 "Like" clicks) and thus simplify the search for your company.
  • Mark your page as the official Facebook page for your company.
  • Distribute content on different tabs such as B. Photos, videos, info.
  • Bid in your posts variety and always make a reference to your company in the texts.

Dealing with customers is just as important as the form and content with which you present your company. Social networks like Facebook are so attractive for companies precisely because they enable uncomplicated communication with existing and potential customers. Social media are extremely useful in this regard: you not only receive feedback on your posts, but also on your brand, your products or your service in general. In addition, the Facebook company page can act as the first point of contact for support. Put uniformly and at best cross-platform Determine whether you want to use your customers' names or not; a “you” on Facebook, but a “you” on your own homepage suggests arbitrariness when being addressed. Always formulate factual and polite answers - even in the case of critical user comments. A regular one that is positive in the basic consensus Exchange between company and customers on Facebook is a guarantee for the trust and satisfaction of your customers.