What is the resolution of VHS

Digitize VHS

Stratitis wrote:

To digitize VHS, you should choose the interlaced format with 50 fields at 702 x 520 pixels and save the whole thing in MPEG2 format. Just don't convert to full frames. This gives either ugly artifacts when moving or a significant loss of image sharpness.

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no idea where on this official resolution list the pixel dimensions you mentioned can be found:


PAL SD (and that is the format of VHS) has measured 720 x 576 pixels since the beginning.

as far as converting to progressive video files is concerned, personally i am a big advocate. the display of interlaced videos (25 fields per second divided into lines) leads to the formation of stripes on many of today's screens - especially with fast movements - because they no longer show any interlaced lines.
mp2 has actually been largely superseded by mp4. At the time before HD, mp2 files were mainly used to prepare films for burning on dvd. with mp4 the files are smaller and the image quality is better.

videos that have already been converted into so-called progressive (full-screen) formats can also be combined more easily with other videos in an editing program (no problems with the reverse order of the lines).

my recommendation would be 720x576 pixel p25 (25 full frames per second), as already mentioned, ideally as quicktime prores.