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Greyhound Australia is the largest bus company on the red continent. For several years they have been cooperating with McCafferty's (under the name Greyhound Australia) and therefore represent the undisputed bus monopoly Down Unders. With over 1000 destinations, they go to almost every place, no matter how small, every day and always offer their passengers the opportunity to get on & off everywhere. Only the route network in Western Australia is not particularly extensive and only includes a few specific stops. Due to their low prices, general punctuality, high level of comfort, modern buses and experienced bus drivers, they enjoy a very good reputation nationwide.


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Important NOTE

Due to the current corona pandemic, it is unfortunately not possible to book bus tickets or passes at the moment!


Important information about booking

When booking, it is essential to ensure that it is not possible to book a ticket at very short notice, as several days pass from booking to receipt of the ticket!

As soon as you have confirmed the booking of your desired pass and paid the outstanding payment, you will receive an email with your ticket and other important information. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the passport is requested in Australia, the payment is not immediately received in the account for a transfer (credit card payment is much faster), the booking must be processed and the usual opening times of a travel agency must also be taken into account. Due to these factors, early booking is essential.

Furthermore, we want to prevent disappointment and therefore only accept bookings that are made at least 5 to 6 days before the desired departure date. In our booking calendar (see "Planned travel date") all possible booking dates are highlighted in green - however, dates that are too short cannot be selected. After receiving the ticket, you can start your well-deserved journey with one of the comfortable Greyhound Australia buses and explore the country flexibly.

We wish you an unforgettable time in Australia!


Tips, hints, advantages & features

As the only national bus service, Greyhound Australia has an excellent offer for travelers of all ages. The company's pricing policy is undoubtedly very innovative and really fair. This makes it possible for everyone to take advantage of the first-class service - be it with an ordinary ticket or a bus pass.


Tips & hints

  • A reservation is absolutely necessary, as the bus drivers are not allowed to take unannounced guests with them! However, making a reservation is very straightforward and can be done in one of the many Greyhound offices, by phone or online. The online reservation is quick and very simple. After booking, you will receive individual login data for the Greyhound Australia website and can reserve your desired route here.
  • Eating is not permitted on the buses, which is why rest stops are stopped at regular intervals.
  • All passengers must be at the bus terminal at least 20 minutes before departure in order to show their ticket to the bus driver and to load their luggage onto the bus.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption on the buses is prohibited.
  • Two pieces of luggage weighing up to 20kg can be carried.
  • A surfboard / bike can be carried at an additional cost.

Benefits of Greyhound Australia

  • Greyhound Australia has existed for over 100 years and is one of the most experienced bus companies in the world, which is clearly reflected in the range, bus equipment, price and service.
  • Both the typical holiday destinations and many places off the beaten track can be easily reached.
  • The buses are modern, well equipped and are in very good condition.
  • 365 days a year, 5 million passengers are safely brought to a wide variety of locations.
  • The bus drivers are not only very well trained, they also know a lot about the country and its people, which they often prove to loosen up the journey. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Every few hours there is a small stopover where you can stretch your legs, have a snack or visit something special.
  • Since many tourists travel with Greyhound Australia, if you are interested you can quickly make friends, so that time flies by.


All buses are usually very well designed for long journeys, so that the journey can be carried out under the most pleasant conditions possible. Air conditioning, spacious seats, a toilet, a drinking water dispenser and a TV with a DVD player are usually part of the inventory of all large Greyhound Australia long-distance buses. The new fleet is even equipped with a USB port on each seat (very practical for charging all technical devices while driving) and also provides adjustable leather seats and free Wi-Fi for all passengers.


Overview of bus passes & tickets

The bus passes & tickets are available through us when you buy them cheaper than buying on site / from Greyhound Australia itself!

Although there are several ways to travel with Greyhound Australia, the offers are quite clearly structured. In principle, a distinction must be made between two different main options:


1. Bus passes: Whimit Pass & Hop on Hop off Pass

The hugely popular Greyhound Australia bus passes are highly praised by countless travelers. The following reasons speak clearly in favor of purchasing one of the passes on offer, which we will present in a brief overview:

  • The bus passes are booked through us when they are purchased cheaper than buying on site!
  • They are very good value for money because you can travel comfortably, safely, flexibly and quickly at fair prices.
  • You can save a lot of money compared to normal single trips.
  • They guarantee a high degree of flexibility with little effort.
  • They are well thought out, optimally adapted to the needs of travelers and are therefore widely used.
  • Passes are available 12 months before the start of the journey, which means that any price increases can be excluded.

Whimit Pass: Maximum flexibility at a low price

If you want to explore Australia by bus for up to a year as flexibly as possible and regardless of route, the Whimit Pass is perfect for you:

  • Unlimited kilometers during the entire booking period
  • Valid for up to 12 months
  • Flexible use of the entire Greyhound Australia network without having to be tied to a specific route
  • Any number of bus trips and stops possible

You will find further information & information below Book all Whimit passes at low prices:

The Greyhound Australia Whimit Pass is ideally suited to explore down under flexibly by bus - regardless of route & book unlimited kilometers at fair prices!

Hop on Hop off Pass: Practical, popular & cheap

If you want to cover certain distances with a Greyhound bus in Australia, make as many stops as you like and also want to pay a low kilometer price, you should consider a Hop on Hop off Pass:

  • Valid for 3 or 6 months (a surcharge of only 19 euros for 6 months of validity)
  • Fixed route in one direction (e.g. Melbourne - Cairns or Cairns - Melbourne)
  • Any number of bus trips and stops possible
  • Route sections of the entire route can be determined on site

In the following you will find further information & can Book all Hop on Hop off passes cheaply:

The Greyhound Australia Hop on Hop off Pass offers popular bus routes for flexible travel through Down Under - information, tips, prices & book cheap!


2. Express tickets: Targeted travel from place A to place B

If you don't want to be tied to a certain pass, but only intends to travel from place A to place B, booking an express ticket is a good idea. It can be bought 6 months before the start of your journey, which means that you can prevent any price changes and also no longer have the stress of having to take care of your ticket on site.

In addition, up to 10% discount is offered on an express ticket with the following discount cards:

  • ISIC card
  • YHA Card
  • Base Card
  • VIP Card
  • ISE Card
  • International Student Privilege Card
  • Australian University Student Identity Cards

In the following you will find further information & can Book all express tickets cheaply:

The Greyhound Express Ticket is a conventional bus ticket for individual routes from A to B - overview, discounts & uncomplicated booking!


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