How mighty your God is

Association of Evangelical Journalism (GEP) gGmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Strasse 3
60439 Frankfurt am Main
(Company headquarters: Frankfurt a. M., HRB 49081 USt-ID-Nr. DE 114 235916)
Director: Jörg Bollmann

The GEP is the multimedia competence center for the Evangelical Church in Germany, its member churches, works, institutions as well as for the Evangelical Free Churches and all interested companies and organizations.

Editors: Arnd Brummer, Jörg Bollmann
Commercial publishing director: Bert Wegener
Editor-in-chief: Ursula Ott (editor-in-chief)
Portal management: Hanno Terbuyken (responsible according to § 55 Abs. 2 RStV)
Head of the Crossmedia service: Dorothea Siegle

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Regional Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm
Katharina-von-Bora-Str. 7-13
80 333 Munich
Telephone central: 089/55950

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria is a public corporation. It is represented by the regional bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm.

Content responsibility:
Press and public relations / journalism (P.Ö.P.)
Andrea Seidel and Anne Lüters (Internet)
Michael Mädler (Head of Press and Public Relations / Journalism)

Responsible person according to § 55 paragraph 2 RStV:
Church councilor Andrea Seidel
Katharina-von-Bora-Str. 7-13
80 333 Munich