What does SaaS mean in the private cloud

Cloud Computing - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Public and Private

Cloud computing is ubiquitous and is currently in the process of massively changing the IT landscape. The revolutionary thing about cloud computing: Instead of operating IT infrastructures and applications in your own data center, these are rented as a service. Server resources, storage or software applications are flexibly available "in the cloud". The term is intended to indicate that the services are provided by a provider on the Internet who provides the services automatically and as required.

The technical basis on which cloud computing is based are virtualization and the World Wide Web. Virtualization allows certain services to be generated dynamically and precisely when they are needed. The services are then made available to users via the WWW and technologies such as web services.

Decisive impulses for cloud services come from web companies. Commercial Internet providers such as Google and Amazon, but also Microsoft, now offer a wide range of publicly accessible cloud services. However, everyone sets different priorities. Amazon offers virtualized hardware resources such as servers or storage space, while the clouds from Google and Microsoft allow the hosting of software applications.

  1. Microsoft
    The group entered the business late, but now with full sales power. The move is called "Software and Services": In future, the money should flow from the Internet as well as from the traditional business.
  2. Google
    Google attacks with free alternatives to Word or Excel, but above a certain amount of storage, Google also wants money. There is still a lack of security: documents were recently temporarily visible to strangers.
  3. Amazon
    The online department store Amazon has built a new pillar in the cloud: Amazon rents storage capacities that the group does not need itself - but wants to keep ready for all eventualities.
  4. Salesforce
    Salesforce is a pioneer and advocates the complete relocation of software to the Internet - but it has been for ten years. With an operating margin of six percent, the group is relatively weak.

Source of teaser image: Fotolia, L. Vynogradova