What makes and breaks a superhero movie

"Deadpool" breaks record with strong box office earnings

This week the superhero film "Deadpool" celebrated its theatrical release in some countries and so it became the week of truth for the film studio 20th Century Fox. A comic book adaptation that is not suitable for children and also does not appear in 3D acts like a huge financial risk. Those responsible can take a deep breath, however, because the first numbers for "Deadpool" are extremely convincing.

Yesterday, February 12, 2016, “Deadpool” was also released in the USA, after Ryan Reynolds had already heated up the bad guys in Germany and other European countries the day before. It seems that the difficult production story has ultimately paid off, because the tough comic book adaptation had an outstanding first day.

In the US, "Deadpool" grossed $ 12.7 million on its first night, setting a record for films with an R rating. The previous top runner in this category was "Hangover 2" at $ 10.4 million. An R rating means that no young people under 17 years of age are allowed to watch the film without their parents being accompanied; however, some cinemas refuse entry to under 17s, even if a parent is present.

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This consequently reduces the potential audience for the film, but apparently it will still have no problems recouping its budget. It is currently believed that "Deadpool" could gross around $ 60 million on its weekend, which is a very good start with a production budget of $ 58 million.

The good start provides further arguments for "Deadpool 2"

In other countries "Deadpool" was also extremely successful. In Great Britain, he achieved the fifth best grossing result in a film starring a Marvel superhero, despite the increased age limit. In addition, the entertaining mercenary made the second-best debut in IMAX theaters in the UK, only surpassed by "James Bond 007: Specter".

In view of this pleasant debut, those responsible at Fox will certainly see their decision to have announced a sequel confirmed. The fact that "Deadpool 2" is in the making was announced even before the first figures, even if the first forecasts had already predicted a worthwhile start at this point in time.