What's your favorite trance album song

hi i'm looking for a song well it's more house / techno .. in any case at the beginning a man talks all the time and says pretty perverted things to one eg (you are 15? my favorite age) ... and well i hope you can me say who it is ... and before it really starts, he says: so kids are about to start ... or bend over or something .. well help would be perfect = D
@fuchs: kloficker - how old are you (as already answered to your other inquiries)
Hello, I'm looking for a song that used to be played on Viva but don't know what it's called. In the clip there was a man who sat on the chair and nodded his head quickly (with a woolen hat and a discman). Does anyone know what the song is called? Would be really cool
Looking for a techno house remix song or something and in it comes the passage "fly away .... am fly away" or "try away am try away" I think it's a techno version of the old song you know that must have that !? ???

Please help!
alpina: Bomfunk MCs - Freetyler?
from 2007: stm pres. evelyn vysher - fly away
dj the crow - fly away
starsplash - fly away

"Underworld - Born Slippy"

There's also a 2007 version of!
Hey guys, maybe one of you can tell me which track this girl is dancing to!


thanks picaldi but they weren't! I don't know if the song is called fly away or something like that. I only know that it appears in the middle of the song as a refrain and I think that it is a remix of the old song but techno-house version!

Looking for a techno house remix song or something and in it comes the passage "fly away .... am fly away" or "try away am try away" I think it's a techno version of the old song you know that must have that !? ???

Please help!
yeah the picaldi ...
whoever that is
hy people check this sfear. that's awesome

his track "6 little eggs" was awesome but now he scores even better with "Freak it down" !!!!



convince yourself!
Hi guys I heard a techno song on the radio today that starts very quietly btw. you don't know at the beginning that it's techno then when it goes off he sings something about: love is on or love is on hers something you understand it ned someone really knows what the song is called
Hey folks, I'm also looking for a song ...... not a techno song, it always runs in the Halli Galli (a66) in frankfurt am main

only melody without singing it goes something like this

na na na nananana na nanana na ....... and then there is a bass and everyone freaks out

please help me


here at the link at 4.11 min comes a similar song .... ma listen

@know: davig guetta feat. chris willis - love is gone
Hello, I recently heard a song on the radio and on the TV as a background melody but I don't know who it is from can someone help me there is a woman singing:

you say you want me, you say you need me, you say you love me

or something like that

would be cool if someone can help me, the song can't get out of my head
@ Gerti

Ida Corr - Let me think about it (Fedde le grand Remix)
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/02/2008 18:25
@ Anna2001

I heard it, thanks for your effort
but that's not sorry
@ Anna2001

ups sorry habs again right I heard isses but

cool thing thanks again until then
Hi heard a song the other day.
There is always someone screaming "ba ba bum ba" ...
Does anyone know what that is called?
@ CooL-N-LoVe
believe you know what sorry you meant


I'll try again ...

can someone tell me the name of the track that is played from min 6.20? I'm grateful for all tips

Kind regards
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hello there is such a song from somebody sunshine live someone can tell me what the song is called

that sounds like a lot of birds are chirping

how old is the track?
@ schurli
3-4 years I think
looking for an old techno song. sounds like trumpeting so tü tü. tü tü. tütütürütü (drop points I think then whoever knows easily does not know how else to describe it. please help me. mfg
@baumi: destination calabria by alex gaudino
@baumi: if you're looking for an older song, it's probably the version by drunkenmunky - calabria
Hy !!! Heard a really cool techno song recently ...
Under the song a man says all the time: sakas me or sekas me; or somehow so hald. The song is in a video at krocha.at. At krocha.at you have to click on the first video (it's called I.S.T.I. - Breaker of the dance force)
in the 1st isti video i can't find a song where it is sung. what I recognized: blutonium boy - hardstyle instructor and floorfilla - kosmiklove
in the 2nd isti: video: pakito - you wanna rock
hello I shoe the song where such a woman always sings attention and then there are really great basses
hi people i really need your help!
back then i heard such a song (surely techno) about 5-8 years ago ----- there is such a man who always goes to the right, it is english the song and there are 2 songs with this man .The male is black and white on one song and green and white on the other --- at
black song sometimes these tones come out ::: ab ab babe ...... bim bim babe .... ohh if someone could help me,
I would be extremely grateful if someone could tell me the name of the song or the singer ... best regards, your vivi
looking for a techno house song which is actually pretty well known at the moment! sone woman moans always mh ... mh mh ... in the rhythm of the beat! I think there are also remixes with hip hop which is pretty awesome and well known at the moment! also in discos! Can someone help me there???
@ cool-n-love

Ida Corr - Let Me Think About It vs Fedde Le Grand
would like to know what the song is called here = (unfortunately there is no Kommi under it yet ^^ hopefully you can help me

I'm looking for a song because a high female voice always sings something with "...... sunshine" in the chorus!
goes in the direction of house, I would say!
also runs constantly at sunhine live!
can you help me there maybe ????

would be really great

well then

thank you in advance

See you
Moin everyone!

Hope one of you can help me further !!!!!

I'm looking for a song that sounds like an old ham by Michal Jackson, has been totally pimped up ne really blatant trance number!

Maybe someone knows what to do with it, unfortunately I have no further information!

Kind regards
@ berlinerhase: maybe john dahlbäck - blink

At the moment the track "Let me think about it" by Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr is full of hype.

However, there used to be a trance resp. Techno piece that has the same cool baseline (that woof woof) of "Let me think about it". Does anyone know this track?

To help: In the track you can hear this baseline and this then turns into a breakbeat. The track itself is a floor burner.

Who can help? Who understands me What is the name of this track?

hey looking for a song, but only know a few words. something like this: gone gone to be your ... (lover?) in between there is always an ahahah from a woman, I think. please help me
Hey guys, can someone tell me the name of the song in which such a man always shouts "Attention"?

would be really great

Maybe: "DJ Flashrider - Attenzione"


maybe: Denis Naidanow - Ascension?

Kind regards
Hey guys,
does any of you know the title or artist of this song?
Thank you in advance
Love from,
@joana: that is definitely "money for nothing", versions of "crew 7" and "avancada" are known to me
hmm so the beat is already similar, but that's not exactly what it is, is it ?! Anyway, thank you ... already a clue :-)
Hey guys,
I'm also looking for a techno song, maybe it's trance too. I don't know that much about that. in any case, an opera singer sings almost all the time. at some point there will be a break and a woman starts talking. she talks about: "the man behind the mask, claiming the freedom ....".
would be really cool if someone could elf me
Hi guys, I'm looking for a song, but I only know a few words, it goes something like this:
.... why your loooooove ... get (or fly) away .....

would be very grateful if someone could help me.
hi @all

I hope one of you can help me ... I'm looking for a song ... I'll try to describe it
so to em the people always sang the melody in the stadium ... so oho high ohhh ... (hard to describe)
Well the original is from a rock band I think ... and this song or this melody is now available as a house song or techno ... I would really like to have it, but unfortunately I don't even know how to find it ... .
Maybe someone can help me
lg and thank you already
@jayjay: m @ d - the concert
Hey look for a techno song, the text goes like this:
The time comes when you are ready ... unfortunately I can't say much more about it, hope someone can help me
thanks in advance
@ loL1988 .. is it sure not the house version of "Wünsch dir was"?

Kind regards
@loL: Splash - Make a wish
Hi .... I'm looking for a song ... !! it's from krocha.at..it's the first video: I.S.T.I. Breaker of the dance force) from the point in the video where sthet: Jz is getting harder .. I'm looking for the song .. so there says a man; skas me .. or cekas me .. or something like that ... Please help me..I have been looking for the song for 6 months..Can anyone tell me the title =? thank you in advance
Who knows what this song is called
Did I record inside the disco ..


Hey, this is: "Public Domain - Operation Blade"


Somehow that seems to be a newer thing I've heard, I had heard it already two times inside and now I really wanted to know what it is called
What I had heard was clearly longer this fast one without speech, etc. ... just great
but thanks anyway ...
Yeah, maybe a 2008 remake ... have to look
Oh, I think it's not a remake, I'll give it up soon, thx anyway ..:] Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!
Yes, I would like to know that too! I've heard the beat iwo before, but not from Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr ...
That gives a beat that works the same way ...
@ Technofreak

mean maybe the original?

@ Technofreak

... or did you mean this:

Hey guys i'm looking for a song.
At the beginning it's very quiet and you don't think it's techno! I don’t know if there’s some talking or singing softly at the beginning, but then there’s a moan and then the bass starts
think it's hardstyle
thx already ma in advance vll someone knows it
@ Heisterkamp

Well finally someone who knows what I mean. It's all about the baseline in "Let me think about it". It was obviously stolen from a song from 1998 or 2000. The whole beat is unmistakable. Fedde stole the beat, which is fine.
In "Let me think about it" she sings the passage "let me thinka bout it" in the chorus, then this "woof, woof" baseline comes twice and she says / sings on it "mh, mh, mh, mh" and then again cool baseline. There is no better way to describe it.
In the song I'm looking for, this baseline comes exactly, but alone and is then replaced by a breakbeat. I don't know if it's techno, trance, early house music or anything else, but I have a strong tendency towards techno, which is breakbeat-heavy.

Those born between 1980 and 1982 could most likely have a chance with the correct answer, because those years have heard the song either consciously or unconsciously.

So, end of my message ...


somehow I came across Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night ... I don't know why ...
@ Schurli

You're the mega, hyper, giga boner.

In the black, bullseye. Somebody finally got it. Thank you very much. I've been looking for the track for so long, makes me really happy.

Thanks again.

Stay tuned and keep on raving.
Hey people maybe you can help me, I recently heard a song. Which started off pretty calmly (sounded oriental just so classic) and then kicked off with real bass and techno.

Hope you can help me
a real challenge here - been looking for the name of the song for weeks. clearly techno. alternating hard beats / basses (more the part for "jagged moves"), then fanfares, trombones or trumpets (more the part for slow moves). null text. is currently often played, full dance floors, but no idea.
Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria is recommended in many forums - but it is not. the beats are clearly harder, the fanfare clearly softer
any ideas?

Maybe this: "Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix)"


wow, was my description that good or are you so awesome?

hit! thanks!!!

Good evening,
I heard a cool song last weekend. It was very rhythmic, very bass-heavy and after a long rhythm phase it always has a bass or drum sequence
(the last bass a little longer)
It always sounds like the climax of the sequence, a short pause and then it begins to rock back over the rhythmic part.
I didn't understand a lot of the text. Only in between do I mean to have understood something like "for the night" or "for tonight". The voice sounds dull, very monotonous, almost in the direction of Arnie as the terminator.
Thank you very much for your suggestions
Dance mouse
howdy !!!!

I'm looking for a song that always comes in miami in stendal .. that is a techno song with a high female voice and you always understand something like: evil la, evil la ... that is a real hit !!! and i think that song also has something like "homeless" one or two times ...
I hope you can help me.......

Thank you in advance!!!!

Do you mean that ?: "Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a"

ok looking for a song with a bass and then comes such a woman's voice in one sentence she said that waiting everybody is just screaming and then it goes on believe so drinkin ..
halihalo I have a big problem I'm looking for a remix of Yves larock - Rise up! it starts off very oriental and then goes back to the original! PLEASE HELP ME!!! is a wonderful vacation memory for me

can someone tell me the name of the song in this C.Ronaldo video ????


thX 2 all
@ maggifix: this should be what you are looking for
Dj Raaban - Anima Libera
hello again please i'm looking for this song is very urgent

@magnolia: the second: john dahlbäck - blink
hey leutz i'm looking for 2 really old songs, unfortunately i can only vaguely remember the videos ...

In the first two women drive a street while the police are chasing them, then the police crash into a caravan

in the second video several women fight against each other in a ring

I hope you can help me?!
greatz @ all
* bow *
oh man, thank you helplarca ....
now I'm just missing the other one ^^

vlg Larca
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a song that is similar to the beat like let me think about it, but without the text. I keep listening to the disco, but nobody knows :-D

but it's definitely not a remix of let me think about it

thank you alreadyml

vlg chris
Maybe you mean this:
"Mark Knight Arena"
Folks, if someone of you plays GTA San Andreas on the internet and wants to play on an RL server, I can only recommend him
Hello everyone!

Find an older house song with a woman singing the same thing all the time.


"i don't playing any wishes wishes wishes wishes"

or something like that.

The text is definitely wrong, but unfortunately I was only able to remember it that way.

I think the song sounds a bit creepy too.

Can someone help me?

That should be "Day Of Mine (Ludicrous Idiots)" by Toktok vs. Soffy O.
Hi hi,
I'm looking for a song that is often mixed with other readers at the moment, it's always just a certain excerpt, where the text is something like "put ... the master hey" or something and then there is bass again

thanks in advance
It's me again
I answered my question by chance myself ^^
for all who want to understand my thoughts:
run dmx - it's like that (remix)

who can tell me the name of this song:
(sorry for the quality, but you can hear the essentials)
many thanks for your help
Hello I'm looking for a techno song
the chorus is sung by a child's voice and the words mom and dad appear in it and at the end of the chorus it sings to be rich twice

thx in advance
moing people
I was looking for a song for ne kantte but she can hardly remember how it is still called who sings it
she heard it the other day and there should be a part of the sentence
"i ken fly"
I would be happy about an answer
MFG Sergei

Probably: "Yves Larock - Rise Up"

hall people I'm also looking for a techno song ...
I think they sang "i cant dance before you rise on me"

thank you for your help

greetings redhead
Hey guys i hope you can help me.
I heard a great song in a shop, but unfortunately I don't know what the song is, let alone the band's name
So there is a woman singing that is a dance song ... and in this song the part of Infinity Vocal appears ... which is really nice if I only knew what it is called ... I'm sorry I don't even know what she sings
Would appreciate answers
thank you in advance!
I should have a question .. a few years ago I saw an advertisement on MTV .. some CLUB TOUR or something, from MIXERY if I'm not mistaken! was a techno song with a beautiful female voice in it. It was so long ago but I still have it in my head. !!! would be great if who could remember it and learn the title
@denise: maybe dj pierro - another world
thank you for your tip but unfortunately it is not ... the song i'm looking for is definitely faster and there is no man in it just a woman sings ... and i think it is a new one ....

Thanks anyway

maybe jm still has a tip ^^
found it ^^
not to be forgotten by fragma-memory with the klaas remix so that infinity is also at ^^
That's just great
Looking for nice techno songs with a female voice would be very nice if you could help me so 7 would not be bad thank you in advance Fetten Knutschy to you all hehe
Female voices:

01. "DJ Tatana - Summerstorm" I recently dug up somewhere and have been listening to me ever since :-)

02. "Sylver - Turn the tide"

03. "DJ Sammy - Heaven"

04. "Lasgo - Something"

05. "Alice Deejay - Better of alone"

06. "Mauro Piccoto - Proximus"

07. "Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You"

08. "Shaun Baker - The Power"

09. "Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel"

Have fun
Can someone tell me what the song is called and who is it from?
The text goes something like this ^^

goes from down from down from down from down from down from down from down ...
@supersam: "verano - get up"?
Looking for a techno song could also be hardstyle I'm not sure. what is sung by a woman.!?

the text is like (she's / it's) .. a freak like me .. or something ?!

thank you

You may have misunderstood ...

Try: "Gigi D'Agostino- Bla Bla Bla"

Hey ... I hope you can help me ...
I heard a song the other day ...
In the beginning son hip hop dj was talking ...
"i introduce myself ... i`m the ... (no idea) ..."
and then came the techno song ...
Can someone help me????

Probably: "Run DMC vs Bodyrox - Yeah It's Like That"

Hey guys (or pacadi ... :-))

Does anyone know the song where a French girl voice on the andang says "regader le DJ" something? So somehow you should listen to the DJ. Afterwards there is a great melody ... I would say it is no longer a house. Techno or trance, something like that ...

@hellvetic: there can only be "encore - le disc-jockey", but it's already older (1997)
Yes exactly, super thank you. I knew you knew Sorry forgot to write that it is probably older.

But thank you in any case.

hey i'm looking for a track where there is a pitched voice .. oda then sings "yougot half to beat it" .... HELP !!
hey, looking for a song, I mean without lyrics (probably a man's voice, but if so then almost not at all)
it sounds similar to Fedde Le Grand & Ida "Let me think about it" or Fragma - "Memory" (Klaas Mix Edition) (with the latter: without the voice, it comes very close to my wanted song)
the song was played a lot in clubs in May 2008 !!!
if anyone knows, I would be very grateful ;-)
Hi! A good hour ago I heard a great song on technobase.fm (about 0:30). I wanted to look at the tracklist but it's just mixed not specified. The only thing I could remember was "You ... nothing but you" after that she sang something but ka something. I've already tried to find out for myself what kind of song it is but without success! And no, it's not Paul van Dyk - Nothing but you ^^ Thanks in advance for your time and I hope! someone knows the song!
btw. has been a woman's voice
Hello! Nobody knows .. howl !!
I'm looking for a techno song from the eighties .. it starts with a distorted male voice:
"I AM THE DEVIL" .. then laugh. In between, Blocksberg comes along and says: have a broom that I can ride right through the air! And again, "I am the devil .."
Does anyone know ???????????????????????????????
I'm looking for a song with "Attention!" begins...


This song is the ...

I hope you can help me..?
@susanna - that's very clear:

Amokk - 666
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FljR-Nf8Ew (26.1.09)

Will probably even be a remix of it.

Greeting Der_Nagel
@susanna: a mix of "666 - amokk" and "shaun baker - explode 2"

Just wanted to answer your search and at that moment it was deleted I think; I definitely can't find her anymore ...

> I hate it when you do that! <

What you are looking for was:
"DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings"

hi @all

looking for a techno song, is well known. I need that for our men's ballet - my trainer says that means something with attention (attenzione ?!) I don't know.

here is an excerpt: http://www.myvideo.de/watch/4974120/DMX_Strobe_Blinder_und_Scanner

Would be very happy about answers

a couple of posts above is the same question + answer

I don't know the title exactly. But that sounds practically the same:

@Kistecola - the whole thing has already been resolved by the members Der_Nagel and Pacadi (see above)

The song alone with Attenzione - then Amokk-Ruf is 666 with Amokk, the melody of Shaun Baker X-plode 2 (these two tracks have been mixed in your excerpt).

Greeting Der_Nagel

Hi guys you have to help me please!
I'm looking for a song that I can't really describe very much. But I'm still trying. So I think that this song was released around 1998, but I could get lost a few years and in this song there is also a siren like in Attenzione or Amok 666. Only I've already listened to both songs once and that one it's definitely not what I'm looking for. Furthermore, a little chant keeps coming back, but I don't know it. This song could actually be heard in every disco.
I hope you can help me would be very grateful for any help.

Greetings Beron
666 - alarma!
anton feat. dj ötzi - aha, aha, aha
@ Pacadi

Thank you for your effort, but this song that you gave me was unfortunately not a hit.
But the one with that siren worked fine in the Alarma
Maybe you or others have further suggestions, I would be really grateful for that

Greetings Beron
666 - bomba
gigi robbers - attenzione toujours
paffendorf - smile
Laatst gewijzigd:
hi i'm looking for a remix i heard in halli galli.

At the beginning a male voice says "ladies & gentleman welcome i'm your dj and then we need bass, put your hands up in the air, lamour tojours and a few more songs. And all of this in a row.

Hope you can help me

I'm looking for a song
it is often played in the disco (techno) and there is hardly any singing ... except for "attention"
I would like to know who it is from and what it is called

Thanks in advance
just seen that this has already been asked ...
thanks to you anyway
hello people looking for an older techno song it's a man's voice that I think sings "i know you want me, i know you fell me" or something like that ... the song should be 3-4 years old i think ... Maybe someone can help me here !?

Kind regards
Hi hi, I really need help.
I'm looking for a song that the DJ Pierre often plays in the MTW.
Unfortunately, I can hardly describe it except that a woman sings something with Shoeshine (well, at least I always understand that )
Would be great if someone could help me.
Thanks in advance.


maybe: Paul Van Dyk - Crush?


@omendruffi: john dahlbäck - blink
@ sven ...

SUPER!!!!! Thanks alot!!! That's it!!!!
I still have a question about an older techno song ...

I can only remember a certain place where a strange voice sings: "I, I am the king and you, you queen" ...

possibly. does that say something to one of you !?

thank you ever for your effort!
Hello everybody
I'm looking for a techno song that is at least 7 years old but is still played today.
A man's voice sings / speaks: She was 15 Years old and lives with her parents in new Jerssy .... he tells that he gave XTC to a girl and felt with her all night.
It's really a great beat, I've been looking for it for ages, hope you can help me

The Horrorist - One Night In New York City


You just beautified my day ... thank you, that's exactly what I meant
I'm looking for a new song but that's actually just ne melody, düdüüdü düdü dü (then deeper) düdü düdü
i know pretty imprecisely, at the end a man's voice sings in english, but that could also be an rmx .. the whole song actually consists of the düdüüd ... i can't describe to you what it sounds like .. but actually it is very well known .. comes in almost every disco ..
please help me
the song is net, samin-heater, and neither let me think about it, nor about the white strippes ..
@hannah: maybe
pakito - living on video 2.9
the drill - the drill
@ Pacadi
no, unfortunately it is not included ..
dadadadadaa dadadadada daa (lower) dadaaa (lower) dadaaa
you probably know it ... I'm already very desperate, also got the catchy tune of this melody ...
hey i'm looking for a song with trumpets is very popular at the time in the clubs ... it is not:

destination calabria by alex gaudino

or fele grande or whatever it's called ...

would be cool if someone helps


Guru Josh Project - Infinity
@ Lungauer

no that's it too nich just can't find it excites me eh ... ^^
Hey sebas. Do you mean noemi - you?
I just came across the band by call a song www.myspace.com/2sidesup

they are called 2 Sides Up and they are really cool
wow, I saw oda as a football summary today (I have to say I'm not a football fan ^^) in the ard oda zdf no idea
and there was a techno song
that sounded as if they had played that with these strange trots (at least in my memory and as far as music is concerned, I shit a lot ^^)

in any case, i only have the melody in my head
It works like this
dup dü dü dup
düp düdüp
düp düdüdüpdüdüdüdüdü düp
hi i'm looking for a song
(white you think we we is cool)
thanks ^^
can nobody remember the advert from mixery on mtv ?? and tell me the name of the poop song -.-!
@ blaman: can it be that you mean kids from MGMT?

Hey I'm looking for a song .. I pulled it from a video .. it would be nice if you could help me .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!

So this is a remix, the guy is singing "all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom."

I'm looking for the background music ...

To the guest on 02/26/09 11:33 p.m.

what you think that we think is cool?

I found the song in the remix.

Has anyone already what the sound sample?

what background music do you mean?

The electric guitar` ??