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Top 10: What is the best Belgian beer?

Belgium occupies only 0.006% of the total surface of the earth, making it one of the 100 smallest countries in the world. When it comes to beer, Belgium is world famous! It is not for nothing that beer culture was declared a cultural heritage in 2016.

So what's the best Belgian beer?

Our top 10 are based, among other things, on the popularity in our shop, the favorites in the Beerwulf team, the awards already won and the rating on Untappd (beer rating platform). We'll present them in random order - let's go!

1. Tripel Karmeliet:The crowd favorite

Triple | 8.4%

The Tripel Karmeliet, brewed with three types of malt, is the absolute winner of the audience! It is definitely one of the bestsellers in the Beerwulf shop and is even mentioned most often as the Belgian favorite beer in the Beerwulf team. The triple also boasts on Untappdincredible four starsfrom 237,000 reviews! If so many beer drinkers like it, it just has to be good and of course it cannot be missing in the top 10 of the best Belgian beers!

The strong Karmeliet (8.4% alcohol) is brewed from barley, wheat and oats - a really great beer, perfectly balanced and fantastic with different types of cheese, but above all creamy brie.

2. Affligem Blond:Style representative

Blond beer | 6.8%

Belgian blond beer has been a very popular type of beer for years. No wonder, because a good blond is tasty and supple, strong but not too heavy not too sweet and balanced bitter. That's exactly what Affligem Blond is!

The typical Affligem yeast gives our blonde bestseller a good fruity note and also makes the beer a favorite of the Beerwulf team. The beer has already received more than eight awards - of which it has received multiple awards from the World Beer Award! It goes without saying that it is one of the best Belgian beers.

The history of the Affligem brewery goes back almost 1000 years, the beers are still made today Brewed according to an old recipe, but which has been adapted to modern technologies.