What are some common traits of Mexicans

The project: Rustic

Mexico is a country with an enormous wealth of nature and culture. It's a new culture and a new economy, still developing. The main manufacturing method is handicraft production. It is found extensively in all areas of Mexico and the products are valued all over the world. The ecological diversity of Mexico is fascinating and the characters of the communities in the jungle, desert, coast, forest and in the big cities are so different that they cannot easily be reduced to a common denominator. Today's society in Mexico is the result of five centuries of European colonization and migration. People came and stayed, raised families and, over time, mixed ethnic groups, customs and beliefs. Today's Mexicans can be described as a people of uncomplicated, exuberant, flexible and creative people who love their family, friends and celebrations. Some typical common “Mexican” traits are the colored, happy, inspiring, colonial, intense, tasty and traditional. Even today there are millions of people in Mexico who handcraft, mostly from naturally occurring materials, objects made of stone, clay, ceramics, fabric, metal, wood and leather. Their handicrafts, which reflect the essence of Mexico, are the real wealth of the country and their main competitive advantage.

I would like to try to bring my two preferred countries, Germany and Mexico, closer together, even if only a little. Today we live in a global world in which millions of people are emigrating from one country to another. Fortunately, prejudices and clichés between countries are gradually being overcome, people are becoming more open to other ideas and customs, and the beautiful and valuable of the different is more and more appreciated.

Arturo Rocha de la Peña
(Owner Rustikalo e.K.)