The kiwi came from China

Amazingly, New Zealand does not have the highest kiwi production in the world. And the inhabitants are not called kiwis because of the fruit, but because the kiwi bird or snipe is the national symbol of New Zealand.

Strictly speaking, the kiwi fruit, first known as the Chinese gooseberry, was only later named after the kiwi bird. The kiwi fruit comes from east, north and central China. Why? One story tells that in the middle of the twentieth century there were high export taxes for all berries in New Zealand. In order to avoid these high export fees, the Kiwis, the residents of New Zealand, decided to change their name. They became aware of the similarities between their national symbol - the kiwi bird and the beautiful Chinese fruit. This is how the idea for the name came about.

There is another story. The New Zealanders did not find the name Chinese gooseberry very attractive and they wanted a more marketable name. "Kiwi" was perfect, the name for the national symbol, the kiwi bird.

The statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations show which producing countries dominate the kiwi world:

8. Iran
Production: 31,603 tons

Iranian kiwis are of high quality, which is why they are successfully exported all over the world.

7. Turkey
Production: 41,635 tons

This country already has a place on this list of producing countries, although kiwis have only been grown in Turkey since 1988. Turkey has excellent soil for growing kiwi, and obviously the soil is being used properly.

6. France
Production: 55,999 tons

5. Greece
Production: 162,800 tons

Greece has a fantastic and professional kiwi industry. This country wants to increase production every year.

4. Chile
Production: 25th, 758 tons

The kiwi industry in Chile is growing every year.

3. New Zealand
Production: 382,337 tons

Of course, the country of the kiwi is on this list, New Zealand gave the kiwi its name and popularity.

2. Italy
Production: 447,560 tons

Italy is clearly the largest kiwi producer in Europe, and the second largest in the world.

1. China
Production: 1,765,847 tons

After all, China, the country of origin of the kiwifruit, is the world's largest kiwifruit producer. The production is so high that all other countries in this directory together produce the same amount. This is not surprising because China is a very large country and has many inhabitants.