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Comparison of AWS with Azure services

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This article will help you understand the differences between Microsoft Azure services and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Regardless of whether you are planning a multi-cloud solution with Azure and AWS or migrating to Azure, you can compare the IT functions of Azure and AWS services in all categories.

This article compares services that are roughly comparable. Not every AWS service or Azure service is listed, and not all matching services have exactly the same function as their counterparts.

Azure and AWS for multi-cloud solutions

As leading public cloud platforms, both Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) already offer a wide range of features and functions with global coverage. Nevertheless, many organizations opt for a combination of the two platforms in order to benefit from more options and more flexibility on the one hand, while at the same time reducing the risks and dependencies with a multi-cloud approach. Consulting firms and software manufacturers can also use both platforms (Azure and AWS), as these platforms represent a large part of the demand on the cloud market.

For an overview of Azure for AWS users, see Introducing Azure for AWS Professionals.


AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
AWS MarketplaceAzure MarketplaceAutomatically configured third-party applications that are easy to deploy and that include single or multiple virtual machine solutions.

AI and machine learning

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
SageMakerMachine learningA cloud service for training, deploying, automating, and managing machine learning models.
Alexa Skills KitBot frameworkCreate and connect smart bots that interact with your users using Text / SMS, Skype, Teams, Slack, Microsoft 365 Email, Twitter and other popular services.
LexSpeech servicesAn API that can convert speech to text, understand meaning, and convert text back to speech for natural responses.
LexLanguage Understanding (LUIS)Allows your applications to understand user commands in context.
Polly, TranscribeSpeech servicesEnables both speech-to-text and text-to-speech functions.
RecognitionCognitive ServicesMachine vision: extracting information from images to categorize and process visual data.

Face Recognition: Recognize, identify and analyze faces and facial expressions in photos.
Skills KitVirtual assistantThe Virtual Assistant template incorporates a number of best practices that we identified while creating conversational environments and automates the integration of components that we have found to be particularly useful for bot framework developers.

AI and machine learning architectures

  • Image classification in Azure

    • 05.07.2018
    • Reading time: 4 minutes

    Learn how to integrate image processing into your applications using Azure services such as the Machine Vision API and Azure Functions.

  • Forward-looking marketing with machine learning

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 2 minutes

    Learn how to build a machine learning model with Microsoft R Server on Azure HDInsight Spark clusters to recommend measures to maximize the purchase rate.

  • Scalable personalization on Azure

    Use machine learning to automate content-based personalization for customers.

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Big data and analytics

Data warehouse

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
RedshiftSynapse AnalyticsCloud-based enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that uses massively parallel processing (MPP) to quickly execute complex queries on multiple petabytes of data.
Lake formationData ShareA simple and secure service for sharing big data

Data warehouse architectures

  • Modern data warehouse architecture

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 2 minutes

    Explore a cloud data warehouse that uses big data. A modern data warehouse combines all your data and is easily scaled as the data increases.

  • Automated Enterprise BI instance

    • 03.06.2020
    • Reading time: 13 minutes

    Automate an extract, load, and transform (ELT) workflow in Azure using Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics.

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Big data processing

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
EMRAzure Data ExplorerIt is a fully managed, low-latency, distributed platform for big data analytics to run complex queries on petabytes of data.
EMRDatabricksApache Spark-based analytics platform.
EMRHDInsightManaged Hadoop service. Deploy and manage Hadoop clusters in Azure.
EMRData Lake StorageHighly scalable, secure data lake functionality based on Azure Blob Storage.

Big data architectures

  • End-to-end Azure data platform

    • 31.01.2020
    • Reading time: 7 minutes

    Use Azure services to collect, process, store, deliver and visualize data from different sources.

  • Campaign optimization with Azure HDInsight Spark clusters

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 4 minutes

    This solution demonstrates how to build and deploy a machine learning model using Microsoft R Server on Azure HDInsight Spark clusters to recommend actions to maximize the lead purchase rate for a campaign. This solution enables an efficient handling of big data in Spark with Microsoft R Server.

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Data orchestration / ETL

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Data pipeline, glueData factoryUsed to process and move data between various compute and storage services and local data sources at specified intervals. Create, plan, orchestrate, and manage data pipelines.
GlueData CatalogA fully managed service used to register and discover corporate data sources.
Dynamo DBTable storage, Cosmos DBNoSQL key-value store for rapid development with very large semi-structured datasets.

Analysis and visualization

Analysis architectures

  • Advanced analysis architecture

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 2 minutes

    Get data analytics from streaming services in near real time. With this big data architecture, you can combine any data in any amount with custom machine learning.

  • Automated Enterprise BI instance

    • 03.06.2020
    • Reading time: 13 minutes

    Automate an extract, load, and transform (ELT) workflow in Azure using Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics.

  • Bulk newsfeed collection and analysis in Azure

    • 01.02.2019
    • Reading time: 5 minutes

    Use only Azure services (such as Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services) to create a pipeline for capturing and analyzing text, images, sentiment, and other data from RSS news feeds.

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Virtual server

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Elastic Compute Cloud Instances (EC2)Virtual computersVirtual servers enable users to deploy, manage, and maintain operating system and server software. The instance types offer different combinations of CPU and RAM. Users pay for what they actually use and have the flexibility to change sizes.
BatchBatchEfficiently run large parallel HPC applications in the cloud.
Automatic scalingVirtual machine scale setsAllows you to change the number of VM instances automatically. You use defined metrics and threshold values ​​to determine whether the platform should add or remove instances.
VMware Cloud on AWSAzure VMware SolutionSeamlessly move VMware-based workloads from your data center to Azure and integrate your VMware environment with Azure. Continue to manage your existing environments with the VMware tools you already know while modernizing your applications with native Azure services. Azure VMware Solution is a VMware approved Microsoft service that runs on Azure infrastructure.
Parallel clusterCycleCloudCreate, manage, operate and optimize HPC and Big Compute clusters of any scale

Containers and container orchestrators

Container architectures

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AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
LambdaFunctionsIntegrate systems and run back-end processes in response to events or schedules without the need to provision or manage servers.

Serverless architectures

  • Social media app for mobile devices and web with authentication

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 3 minutes

    A detailed step-by-step diagram shows the build process and implementation of the mobile client app architecture, which provides image sharing on social networks with a companion web app and authentication functions, even offline.

  • HIPAA and HITRUST Compliant Health Data: KI

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 2 minutes

    Manage HIPAA and HITRUST compliant health records and medical records with the highest level of built-in security.

  • Architecture to scale across clouds

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 1 minute

    Learn how you can improve cross-cloud scalability with a solution architecture that includes Azure Stack. A detailed flowchart provides instructions on how to implement it.


typeAWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Relational databaseRDSSQL database

Database for MySQL

Database for PostgreSQL
Managed service for relational databases where resilience, scaling and maintenance are mainly handled by the platform.
NoSQL / DocumentDBDynamoDB


Amazon DocumentDB
Cosmos DBA globally distributed, multi-model database that natively supports several data models: "Key-Value", "Documents", "Diagrams" and "Single Column".
CachingElastiCacheCache for RedisA distributed cache service based on in-memory technology to provide high-performance memory that is usually used to outsource non-transactional processes from the database.
Database migrationDatabase Migration ServiceDatabase Migration ServiceMigration of database schemas and data from a database format to a specific database technology in the cloud.

Database architectures

  • Gaming with Cosmos DB

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 1 minute

    Elastically scale your database to handle unpredictable traffic and enable low-latency multiplayer experiences on a global scale.

  • Oracle Database Migration to Azure

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 2 minutes

    Oracle DB migrations can be done in a number of ways. This architecture includes one of these options, using Oracle Active Data Guard to migrate the database.

  • Retail and e-commerce with Azure MySQL

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 1 minute

    Build secure and scalable e-commerce solutions that use Azure Database for MySQL to meet customer and business needs.

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DevOps and application monitoring

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
CloudWatch, X-RayMonitorA comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing and handling telemetry data from your cloud and on-premises environments.


DevOpsA cloud service for collaboration in code development.
Developer toolsDeveloper toolsCollection of tools for creating, debugging, deploying, analyzing and managing cross-platform, scalable applications and services.
CodeBuildDevOpsFully managed build service that supports continuous integration and deployment.
Command line interfaceCOMMAND LINE INTERFACE (CLI)

Building on the native REST API for all cloud services, various programming language-specific wrappers offer an easier way to create solutions.
AWS CloudShellAzure Cloud ShellAzure Cloud Shell is an interactive, authenticated, browser-accessible shell for managing Azure resources. Cloud Shell gives you the flexibility to choose the shell environment that best suits the way you work: Bash or PowerShell.
OpsWorks (boss-based)AutomationUse to configure and run applications of all types and sizes, and to provide templates to create and manage a collection of resources.
CloudFormationResource manager

VM extensions

Azure Automation
Provides users with an option to automate manual, lengthy, error-prone, and frequently repeated IT tasks.

Devops architectures

  • Container CI / CD with Jenkins and Kubernetes in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 2 minutes

    Containers make it easy to continuously build and deploy applications. By orchestrating the deployment of these containers with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), you get clusters of containers that are easy to replicate and manage.

  • Running a Jenkins server on Azure

    • 19.11.2020
    • Reading time: 6 minutes

    Recommended architecture that illustrates how to deploy and operate a scalable Jenkins server in Azure that is designed for business and protected by single sign-on (SSO).

  • DevOps in a hybrid environment

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 3 minutes

    The tools available in Azure enable the implementation of a DevOps strategy, with which both cloud and on-premises environments can be managed well together.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
IoTIoT hubA cloud gateway to manage bidirectional communication with billions of IoT devices, secure and scalable.
GreengrassIoT EdgeProvision of intelligent cloud functions for execution in local scenarios directly on IoT devices.
Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis StreamsEvent hubsServices that enable massive collection of small data entries (usually from devices and sensors) in order to process and forward the data.
IoT Things graphDigital twinsAzure Digital Twins is an IoT service that helps you create comprehensive models of physical environments. Create spatial intelligence graphs to model the relationships and interactions between people, spaces, and devices. Query data from a physical space instead of different sensors.

IoT architectures

  • IoT architecture: Azure IoT subsystems

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 1 minute

    Learn more about our recommended IoT application architecture that supports hybrid cloud and edge computing. A flowchart explains how the subsystems work within the IoT application.

  • Azure IoT reference architecture

    • 10.09.2020
    • Reading time: 12 minutes

    Recommended architecture for IoT applications in Azure with PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) components

  • Processing of vehicle data via IoT in real time

    • 17.11.2020
    • Reading time: 5 minutes

    This example creates a real-time data collection and processing pipeline to collect and process messages from IoT devices on a big data analytics platform in Azure.

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AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Trusted AdvisorAdvisorAllows analysis of the configuration and security of cloud resources so subscribers can ensure that they are using best practices and optimal configurations.
Usage and Billing ReportBilling APIServices for generating, monitoring, forecasting and releasing billing data for resource usage based on time, organization or product resources.
Management ConsoleportalA unified management console that simplifies the creation, provision and operation of your cloud resources.
Application Discovery ServiceMigrateEvaluates local workloads for migration to Azure, performs performance-based sizing, and provides cost estimates.
EC2 Systems ManagerMonitorA comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing and handling telemetry data from your cloud and on-premises environments.
Personal Health DashboardResource HealthProvides detailed information about the health of the resources and recommended actions to maintain the health of the resources.
CloudTrailMonitorA comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing and handling telemetry data from your cloud and on-premises environments.
CloudWatchApplication InsightsApplication Insights is an extensible application performance management (APM) service for developers and DevOps professionals.
Cost ExplorerCost managementOptimize cloud costs while maximizing cloud potential.

Messaging and events

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Simple Queue Service (SQS)Queue storageProvides a managed Message Queuing service for communication between decoupled application components.
Simple Queue Service (SQS)Service busSupports a set of cloud-based, message-centric middleware technologies, including reliable message queuing and persistent publish / subscribe messaging.
Amazon EventBridgeEvent gridA fully managed intelligent event routing service that enables consistent event usage using a publish / subscribe model.

Messaging architectures

  • Anomaly detection process

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 1 minute

    For more information on anomaly detection, see a step-by-step diagram with the details of the process. Learn how to choose anomaly detection models with time series data.

Mobile Services

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Mobile hubApp Center

Xamarin apps
Provides mobile back-end services for rapid development of mobile solutions. It also provides identity management, data synchronization, storage and notification services across devices.
Mobile SDKApp CenterProvides the technology to quickly create cross-platform and native apps for mobile devices.
CognitoAzure Active DirectoryProvides authentication functions for mobile applications.
Device farmApp CenterProvides services that support mobile application testing.
Mobile analyticsApp CenterSupports monitoring and feedback collection for debugging and analyzing the quality of service of a mobile application.

Device farm

AWS Device Farm provides cross-device testing services. In Azure, Visual Studio App Center provides similar cross-device front-end testing for mobile devices.

In addition to the front-end testing, Azure DevTest Labs provides back-end testing resources for Linux and Windows environments.

Mobile architectures

  • Scalable web and mobile applications with Azure Database for PostgreSQL

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 1 minute

    Use Azure Database for PostgreSQL to quickly build beautiful, powerful and scalable, cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

  • Social media app for mobile devices and web with authentication

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 3 minutes

    A detailed step-by-step diagram shows the build process and implementation of the mobile client app architecture, which provides image sharing on social networks with a companion web app and authentication functions, even offline.

  • Task based mobile app for customers

    • 16.12.2019
    • Reading time: 3 minutes

    A step-by-step flowchart that shows integration with Azure Mobile App Service apps, Visual Studio, and Xamarin shows you how to architecture the task-based mobile app for customers to simplify the build process.

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AreaAWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Virtual cloud networksVirtual Private Cloud (VPC)Virtual NetworkTo provide an isolated, private environment in the cloud. Users can control their virtual network environment, including: Select your own IP address range, create subnets or configure routing tables and network gateways.
Cross-location connectivityVPN gatewayVPN gatewayConnects Azure virtual networks with other Azure virtual networks or enables a connection to local networks (site-to-site). Allows end users to connect to Azure services using point-to-site (VPN) tunneling.
DNS managementRoute 53DNSManage your DNS records with the same credentials, billing, and support contract as your other Azure services.
Route 53Traffic managerA domain name hosting service that directs users to internet applications, connects user requests to data centers, manages traffic to apps, and improves app availability with automatic failover.
Dedicated networkDirect ConnectExpressRouteEstablishes a dedicated, private network connection from one location to the cloud provider (not over the Internet).
Load balancingNetwork load balancerLoad balancerAzure Load Balancer load balances traffic on Layer 4 (TCP / UDP). Load Balancer Standard also supports cross-region or global load balancing.
Load balancing for the applicationApplication gatewayApplication Gateway is a load balancer on layer 7 (application layer). It supports SSL termination, cookie-based session affinity, and round-robin for traffic load balancing.

Network architectures

  • Provision of highly available NVAs

    • 08.12.2018
    • Reading time: 7 minutes

    Learn how to provision high availability virtual network devices in Azure. This article provides sample architectures for inbound, outbound, and inbound and outbound traffic.

  • Hub-spoke network topology in Azure

    • 30.09.2020
    • Reading time: 7 minutes

    Learn how to implement a hub-spoke topology in Azure, where the hub is a virtual network and the spokes are virtual networks that peer with the hub.

  • Implement a secure hybrid network

    • 07.01.2020
    • Reading time: 9 minutes

    Consider a hybrid secure network that extends a local area network into Azure, with a perimeter network between the local area network and an Azure virtual network.

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Security, Identity and Access

Authentication and authorization

AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Identity & Access Management (IAM)Azure Active DirectoryAllows users to securely control access to services and resources while maintaining data security. Create and manage users and groups, and use permissions to set which users are allowed and denied access to resources.
Identity & Access Management (IAM)Role-based access control (Azure)With role-based access control in Azure (Azure RBAC), you can manage which users have access to Azure resources, what actions users can take on those resources, and what areas they can access.
OrganizationsSubscription management and Azure RBACSecurity policy and role management for working with multiple accounts.
Multi-factor authenticationMulti-factor authenticationProtecting access to data and applications while meeting user requirements for a simple login process.
Directory serviceAzure Active Directory Domain ServicesProvides managed domain services such as B. Domain join, group policy, LDAP and Kerberos / NTLM authentication which are fully compatible with Windows Server Active Directory.
CognitoAzure Active Directory B2CA global, high-availability identity management service for customer-facing applications that can scale to hundreds of millions of identities.
OrganizationsDirectiveAzure Policy is a service in Azure that you can use to create, assign, and manage policies. These guidelines enforce different rules and effects on your resources so that they always conform to your company standards and service level agreements.
OrganizationsManagement groupsAzure management groups are a cross-subscription space. You organize subscriptions in containers called "management groups" and apply your governance terms to the management groups. All subscriptions in a management group automatically inherit the conditions applied to the management group. Regardless of the types of your subscriptions, management groups allow you to manage large-scale enterprise-grade management.



AWS serviceAzure serviceDESCRIPTION
Web application firewallWeb application firewallA firewall to protect web applications against common web security vulnerabilities.
Web application firewallFirewallProvides inbound protection for non-HTTP / S protocols, network-level protection for inbound traffic for all ports and protocols, and application-level protection for outbound HTTP / S traffic.


Security architectures

  • Real-time fraud detection

    • 05.07.2018
    • Reading time: 4 minutes

    Detect fraudulent activity in real time using Azure Event Hubs and Stream Analytics.