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Puppy games - this is how you play properly with your puppy

When pups aren't sleeping or eating, they frolic all day. They whiz through the apartment or the garden like weasels. Nothing is safe from them. Keep the rascal busy funny puppy games! 

You can find information about in our guide Play opportunities for puppies and what rules you and your puppy should follow. A little puppy doesn't have a lot of stamina yet. He gets tired quickly. So don't play with him for too long. Spread the puppy games over several short sessions a day. As your little friend gets older, the playing times get longer. How long you play depends on your puppy.

Which puppy toy do i need?

You need toys for exuberant puppy games. Your puppy decides which these are. Some love Tugging games, others prefer to hunt you ball after. Squeakies are popular with everyone, definitely with our four-legged friends. Most of the two-legged friends that go with it don't find the constant squealing that great. If your four-legged junior is changing teeth, he needs toys to chew on.

Creative puppy games

  1. Cardboard games
  2. Look at me game
  3. Shell game
  4. Puppy games for outside
  5. Hide treats between piles of leaves

Cardboard games

Take a cardboard box. It has to be big enough for your puppy to fit in. Place the box on the floor. Your furry friend will sniff the box. Reward him for it. Next you wait until the little guy touches the box with one paw, it doesn't matter where. You reward that too. Now you only reward again when the paw is placed on the floor in the box. Then you wait until both front paws are in the box. Now only the hind paws are missing and the whole dog is in the box. Your puppy doesn't have to do all of this in one day. Time is not important, what matters is that you both have fun together. Fill the box with crumpled paper. Hide treats in between. The sniffer nose can deal with this for a while.

Look at me game

You have a treat in every fist. Stretch your arms wide apart. Your sweet tooth will look at your hands. Wait until he brings himself to look you in the face. This could take a while. Even if he only looks at you for a split second, he gets a treat.

Shell game

Take four empty yogurt pots. Turn them upside down on the floor. A treat comes under one of the cups. Let your dog sniff out where the food is.

Puppy games for outside

Outside you hide behind a tree when your dog is not looking. He will look for you.

Hide treats between piles of leaves

Let the little one balance on fallen tree trunks or crawl both under them.

How can my dog ​​keep himself busy?

Even a puppy needs to learn to keep itself busy. Help him with it. In any case, there must be enough toys for him. Your fur nose can play alone for a long time with a snack ball. While playing, every now and then a treat falls out of a small opening. A filled Kong also fulfills this purpose. Knot treats in an old tea towel or hide food in special fringed blankets.

When do I cancel a puppy game?

You just stop playing with the puppy if he:

  • becomes tired and unable to concentrate,
  • turns up too much and becomes uncontrollable. Give him time to calm down.

Also if he:

  • tries to grab your hands
  • pulls at your clothes.

You end the puppy game by squeaking briefly. This tone is a termination signal for him. He learned that from his mom when he was tiny. Then you turn around without comment and walk away. Sometimes abandoning the game means that you have to take the toy away from your dog. Talk to him in dog language. Look at him and growl slightly. Most puppies will then drop the toy. If not, take it out of his mouth.

Puppies play with other dogs

Dogs are pack animals. You need to be in contact with fellow dogs. Important for relaxed puppy games with several dogs is:

  • Never let the dogs play unsupervised. You must be able to intervene immediately in the event of a crisis.
  • If the game becomes too intense, stop it. Go in between and poke your puppy with your fingers. He will turn to you. Move to the side with him. When he has calmed down, he can continue playing.
  • Pay attention to the size ratio. In general, small dogs can play with larger dogs, but it is better if the size is roughly the right size.

Contact with strange dogs

Never let a stranger dog come to your puppy in an uncontrolled manner. Even if the owner yells from 100 m away: "He's not doing anything!". There is no such thing as a puppy protection. You are the only one responsible for protecting your puppy! A very different situation is as follows. You meet someone who is in control of their dog. The dog makes a friendly face, is relaxed and wags his tail. Then you can allow the contact. And most of all, have fun together!