Guys like a blowjob

Blowjob tips: he never forgets this oral sex

Before it comes to the eternal, permanent sex dream of most human males, two things in advance. First, if you're not in the mood for a blowjob, don't do it. Point. You wouldn't be the first woman to feel this way, you are not the only one. And: other relationships have already survived that. We don't want to persuade you to do anything that you don't want. And neither should he.

Second, if you don't feel like letting men tell you how to suck them, we have to warn you: in this article, only men talk. Because one thing is also clear: They are the only ones who can really tell you what feels best from a male perspective.

That is the idea and meaning of this story: We asked 22 of our male friends, mates and acquaintances to reveal THE oral sex of their lives to us. Equipped with this knowledge, you can drive any man crazy with a blowjob. Just pick out the tips that make you curious. The guy can't hold out all 22 anyway ...

Useful tools for more excitement

In addition to your mouth and hands, there are exciting little helpers that provide even more tension. We have selected the best tools that will make your blowjob unforgettable.

1. We-Vibe couple vibrator

Our recommendation: The couple vibrator from we-vibe.

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While you pamper him with your mouth according to all the rules of the art, this little friend can do the same for you. To do this, the small end of the We-Vibe Match is inserted into the vagina and the large end is placed on the clitoris. Incidentally, the vibrator can be controlled via remote control and app. Extra kick: give him the remote control! So he can also stimulate you while he lets you blow him to the climax.

2. Chocolate-flavored edible massage oil

Our recommendation: Edible massage oil with vanilla flavor from Shiatsu.

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All you wanted to do was give his penis a relaxing oil massage. However, the longer you knead it and the bigger it gets in your hands, the more you feel like putting it in your mouth. It's just stupid if all the oil has to be down again. How good that edible massage oil is now available. For example the Shiatsu Edible Massage Oil with vanilla flavor.

3. Caramel-flavored edible body color

Our recommendation: Edible massage oil from Bijoux Indiscrets.

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A different kind of body painting: you can use the supplied spring with a silicone tip to decorate the body of your sweetheart before you can lick the work of art again with the devotion of your tongue. In this way, poetic, caramelized love messages can be written all over the body.

What do men like about blowjob?

There is a simple and a complicated answer. The simple one is: as good as anything. The guys just love it when you give them a blow job.

The complicated answer is so complicated because every man has his special preferences and dreams. You have to approach that together. Our 22 tips are sure to help you try it out!

Why do men love oral sex?

The reason is probably similar to that of women: it's this mix of being pampered and releasing control that makes the kick.

Plus the fact that it feels sensationally good. And of course the incredible attention and lust you give him. Or maybe he has other reasons. Just ask him!

What should I do? 22 blowjob tips:

You don’t have to do anything. You only do what you feel like doing. Basically, it can be anything: sucking, licking, sucking, etc. And if you want even more, and also have a nice day, then ask him if he wants something. Or you can try one of the following tips. They come from men too!

1. Take it courageously!

"I love it when my girlfriend grabs my testicles while she sucks on my penis. She holds them in one hand and squeezes again and again lightly. Pampering the testicles and penis at the same time - that makes the whole thing so much more intense for me. I almost come at the thought! " (Ben, 30)

2. Try a butt massage!

"One of the best feelings in the world for me is when my girlfriend massages my buttocks. When she goes into bed, she occasionally runs her hands under my buttocks and massages it very gently. She takes my penis in her mouth or licks it my testicles. To be honest: There is absolutely nothing better for me! " (Mike, 28) Oh yes: This is how you spoil his testicles properly.

3. Increase the tension!

"The woman I meet loves to tease me before she gives me oral pleasure. Once I was lying on my back while she was crouching between my knees and calmly looking at my penis. She must have 30 seconds just kneeled there until she bent down further to puff my penis and testicles very lightly. Without touching it! The tension almost killed me. It was fantastic when she finally started, much more arousing! " (David, 27)

4. Lend a hand yourself!

“One of the women I was in bed with loved touching herself while she gave me a blow job. Seeing her orgasm turned me on a lot more than just taking care of me The combination of watching her masturbate and at the same time feeling that she touches me - that was almost too much for me. The complete overstimulation! " (Andy, 30)

5. Plan a spontaneous trip!

"For my last birthday my girlfriend surprised me with a short trip. She chose a super romantic hotel with a fireplace and cozy bedding and put up tons of candles in the room. I had to lie down on the bed and she came to me. To know how many Thought she made about this gift made the blowjob very intimate and special. I'll never forget that night! " (Daniel, 31)

Fizkes /
For him, too, closeness and tenderness are important during oral sex. It shouldn't be like in porn.

6. Surprise him with the blowjob!

"I live with my girlfriend. When I came home from work once, she was already at the door, practically jumped at me, pulled me to the sofa and ripped off my pants. Then, without saying a word, she gave me blown one. That was definitely one of my best experiences. " (Stefan, 32)

7. Cool it down well!

"My girlfriend and I keep trying new things in bed. A few days ago she brought a cup of ice-cold water to the bed and put an ice cube in her mouth before giving me oral satisfaction. This freezing situation has changed Felt insanely good! " (Heiko, 29)

8. Smile at him!

"Even if I know that a blow job is all about me, I feel better when I have the feeling that she is enjoying it too or is somehow turning on. That's why it gives me an extra kick when she does smiles at me briefly in between! " (Patrick, 35)

9. Find your 'magic spot'!

"There is one thing that really drives me crazy every time my girlfriend worries me with her mouth. There is this one place between the testicles and anus [Note by the editor: what is meant is the perineum] I'm super sensitive. She lies on her stomach and starts to lick her tongue over this area very slowly before taking care of my penis. I can't control myself, my whole body begins to tremble. That's amazing ! " (Tom, 31)

10. Move in circles!

"I love it when my wife takes the time and licks the entire area around the penis. She does a whole lap several times and her tongue feels soooo good. It builds up pleasure just thinking about it." (Robert, 28)

11. Check his needs!

"Sometimes my girlfriend stops in the middle of a blow job and asks me what she should do next. The thing is, she actually knows exactly how I like it best. Still, she wants to make sure if I want something specific or if she wants something can do other things. Just knowing that she wants to satisfy me so much turns me on - and makes me want to pamper her even more intensely when she's finished. " (Matze, 33) What always turns him on: The way you are coiffed "downstairs". Therefore: intimate hairstyles from bare to wild.

12. Lick it like a lollipop!

"My girlfriend waits until my penis is completely erect, takes it in her hand and licks it from top to bottom - just as if she was licking off a lollipop with relish. I love that!" (Basti, 29)

13. Make noise while doing thise!

"My girlfriend sometimes hums while she has my penis in her mouth. Yeah, sounds weird, I know. But that totally turns me on and makes oral sex more dynamic. It's also fun because we do yoga together - whenever we do say 'Ommm' at the end of the lesson, my mind goes off. " (Jens, 32)

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It turns him on when you too have fun pampering him orally. So smile calmly.

14. Show him your teeth!

"I actually hate it when women insert their teeth during oral sex. It hurts. But if she does it in a totally gentle way, it can be really good. A woman once very tenderly let her teeth slide along my shaft and licked it with the tongue over and over again at the same time. That was surprisingly good! " (Nick, 33)

15. Choose unusual places!

"My wife and I went to eat sushi and it took forever to serve. Suddenly she nudged me and whispered to meet her in front of the toilet. I didn't know if she was serious, but she stood up and left, so I followed her. We locked ourselves in the toilet and she knelt in front of me to give me a blowjob. That was by far the best blowjob of my life - precisely because it was so spontaneous and all forbidden!" (Jasper, 29)

16. Wake him up with it!

"I had a very important meeting in the office last week and I told my girlfriend about it the night before. She woke me up early in the morning with a surprise: with a blow job. That way my day got off to a great start and I was in a great mood. The meeting I rocked! "(Chris, 31)

17. Reach for his thighs!

"I'm super sensitive on the insides of my thighs and it feels great when my girlfriend massages them. When I recently got home from running, we started making out. In the middle of the blowjob she suddenly paused around the inside Kissing and massaging my thighs. Then she turned back to my penis. It turned me on so much that I had an orgasm a few seconds later. " (Paul, 26)

Fizkes /
There is hardly anything more intimate than satisfying each other with your mouth.

18. Caress yourself with him!

"Granted, it sounds weird, but once my friend took my penis in her hand and slowly brought it to her lips and along it, as if she were putting on lipstick. It was a damn hot business and it got me crazy." (Martin, 25)

19. Put him under pressure!

"I love it when my girlfriend gently pulls on my testicles before I come. I don't know why, but the orgasm feels much more intense afterwards." (Michel, 28)

20. Put your tongue in it!

"Once a woman pressed her tongue into the opening on my penis shaft. Nobody had ever done that to me before, and I didn't even know it could be done. Honestly? The pressure felt great!" (Andy, 26)

21. Use your hands!

"The best thing a woman can do in my opinion: Use both hands and mouth at the same time for oral sex. My ex-girlfriend was a professional. She pampered my penis with her tongue while she alternately inserted my testicles into both of her hands Directed. That was amazing because it practically doubled the effect! " (Daniel, 28)

22. Oil a little!

"Blowjobs feel so much better when my penis is wet. Otherwise it can get really uncomfortable at times. I really like it when my wife spits on my penis and spreads the spit all over the place with her tongue. It's even better when we take lubricant with taste. It spreads it all over my penis and the feeling afterwards is just amazing. " (Nils, 33) By the way: You have to know that about lubricant

Whether and how you incorporate oral sex into your erotic games is of course - haha ​​- a matter of taste. He will of course be very happy. And with the tips of our 22 men you have many options to make the blowjob an unforgettable experience.

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