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Do you want more Twitch emotes? Try these options!

Twitch's extensive catalog of emotes is one of the most recognizable elements of the site. These emotes made Josh DeSeno, employee of the now-defunct Justin.tv (which became Twitch) one of the most famous faces in the world, as he is the model for the ubiquitous Kappa emote.

You have the basic emotes to translate in our emoji english dictionary. What does that mean? Emoji Face Meaning What Does Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained Confused by the emojis in this text message you just received? Here are the generally accepted meanings of popular emojis. Read More

At Twitch, the first thing you will learn is the language of the unique emotes. Before you know it, "Pogchamp" will be short for "excited," "DansGame" means that you are disgusted and ubiquitous "Kappa" face will break all of your dry sarcasm. As Twitch is quickly becoming a social site, the emotes go a long way in creating a sense of community.

While Twitch's native emotes may be more than enough to express yourself for most, it can be fun to have even more emotes. Here are some ways you can have more Twitch emotes in your life!

Subscribe to channels

The most popular Twitch channels can apply for a partnership, which will add a subscribe button to their channel. One of the benefits that affiliate channels offer their paid subscribers is access to a range of emotes. If you want to know how to pay for a channel subscription, here's a rough guide. New to Twitch? A Complete Guide to Buying Subscriptions New to Twitch? A Complete Guide to Buying Subscriptions New to Twitch and not sure how the payments work? Here's a complete introduction to how Twitch submarines work and how to pay for them. Continue reading .

There are multiple emotes, and the more subscribers a channel has, the more emotes it can have. The lowest level (0 subscribers) can have two emotes that should be present in partner streamers. Meanwhile, on Twitch's website (7,000 subscribers), the highest entries can contain up to 50 emotes. Depending on how popular the streamer in question is, you might get a huge number of emotes for a relatively low price.

If you feel that the emotes you have just aren't enough and you are ready to spend some cash, there is no better way than finding a channel with emotes you like and subscribing to. You can use Sub Emotes as many times as you want on any other Twitch channel. The TwitchEmotes website offers an extensive database if you want to see channels based on their emotes. However, I recommend exploring the channels and finding a streamer that you really like!


Not every streamer can work with Twitch, so only a small fraction of them can natively offer emotes to their viewers. Fortunately, intrepid streamers have found ways. You have done this with FrankerFace, among others. 7 Essential Chrome Extensions For Twitch Users. 7 Essential Chrome Extensions For Twitch Users. If you spend a lot of time watching streams on Twitch, these seven Chrome extensions are essential for comfortable and enjoyable viewing! Learn more about Twitch viewers using Chrome.

FrankerFaceZ is a Twitch extension with multiple uses. The most important for our purposes is the extensive catalog of emotes that it offers. There are over 70,000 publicly viewable emotes in the FFZ library. Streamers can send their own emotes to FFZ to add to the library. However, they must first be approved by FFZ.

FFZ has a number of other features that make it a significant addition to Twitch users. It's available for download from the Frankerface website and is available for every type of browser, from Chrome and Firefox to the little-known Pale Moon browser. It's worth considering not only for the emotes, but also for the special features that add to the Twitch experience.


We wrote a better Twitch stream over BTTV using these tools. Run a better Twitch stream with these tools. Twitch channels rarely become popular by chance. Much more often, fame and attention are the result of long hours, innovative ideas, and relentless efforts to create quality content. Read more about it (multiple times in fact), but for good reason: the expansion is absolutely invaluable in getting the best Twitch experience possible. Some of its features have been officially incorporated into Twitch, and long-time users will have difficulty figuring out where the native Twitch features end and the BTTV features begin.

BTTV has two advantages for those looking for more Twitch emotes: first, it replaces the basic Twitch emote menu with a more extensive menu with all of the global emotes that BTTV offers, as well as all of your sub-emotes.

Second, it also offers a make-your-own-emotes option, similar to FrankerFace. Streamers can upload five of their own emotes to their channel for their own viewers to see and use. For submission, all you need to do is submit your own emotes (all of which need to be approved before going live) in PNG format.

BTTV is available on the developer site for a number of different browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you like the BTTV emotes but prefer FFZ for the expansion options, there is BetterTTV Emotes for FrankerFaceZ, an expansion that adds all of BTTV's global emotes as well as the channel specific emotes so you can use them all!

Twitch emotes outside of Twitch

More emotes on Twitch is always a good thing, but what about Twitch emotes outside of Twitch? There are a number of communities built around Streamers on other sites, with Reddit and Discord being a haven for Twitch viewers in particular, and there are likely a number of Twitch savvy gamers on the popular Game Talk 7 gaming forums Big Gaming Forums for Non-Stop Video Game Talk Want to communicate with other gamers online? Check out one of those massive gaming communities that have been around for ages and will soon show no signs of stopping. Continue reading .

Fortunately, there is also an extension for this. When an extension called Global Twitch Emotes is installed, text identical to Twitch emotes like Kappa is replaced with the emotes themselves. It's perfect for interacting with your fellow Twitch streamers / viewers' communities.

Global Twitch Emotes is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera and should work with all text. Since there are very few words that look pretty much the same as Twitch emotes, you shouldn't have a problem with the program interfering with your normal online reading. It should work with the browser version of Discord.

For Discord users who want to watch emotes, they should install BetterDiscord, a program that enables all of Twitch's built-in emotes, FFZ emotes, and BTTV emotes in one package. It also has a number of other features for customizing Discord the way you want.

With sub-emotes, the streamer himself must enable use with his Discord server before it can be used. If you'd like to use your favorite streamers' emotes, let them know if they'd like to join Discord What Is Discord. The Best Free Voice Chat For Gamers What is Discord? The Best Free Voice Chat For Gamers Still are you a gamer looking for a reliable voice chat app to talk to your friends? Don't fight anymore! Here are all the reasons Discord is the best chat client for gamers. Read More

Which Twitch emotes do you like best? Did you find another way to have more emotes? Let us know in the comments!

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