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Tomorrowland 2020 - How to Get Tickets!

The pre-registration for the Tomorrowland Festival started a few weeks ago. So that you too can get tickets for the most coveted festival, you should register for pre-sale as soon as possible! You can do this on the Tomorrowland website. We have the link for it here again listed.

The clock is ticking for Tomorrowland

There are only a few days left until the pre-sale: The “Worldwide Pre-Sale” begins on January 25th, and only people who have previously registered can take part.

It turns out to be rather difficult to get tickets, even if Tomorrowland will take place again this year on two weekends from July 17th to 19th and from July 24th to 26th, because millions of people sit in front of it every year their screens and only 220,000 are lucky enough to get hold of a ticket! It takes a lot of luck and patience.

16 years of Tomorrowland

This year the 16th edition takes place from Tomorrowland Festival in Boom, Belgium. The topic changes from year to year and this year it will be called “The Reflection of Love”. We have linked the trailer for the theme publication here:

Why do you have to pre-register beforehand?

When pre-registering you have to enter your personal data and your home country, because a certain number of tickets will be activated for each country so that as many continents and countries as possible are united on Tomorrowland. In addition, the first 20 people from each country have the chance to buy tickets before anyone else - but you have to be very quick to do this.

If you have not registered beforehand, you have no chance of getting tickets! In addition, you cannot be put on the waiting list afterwards. This offers an additional chance to get tickets if you or your friends are not lucky with the advance booking.

Here are our tips to increase your chances of getting tickets to the Tomorrowland Festival:

As I said before, you have to be lucky. You can very well get tickets through official sales, but you need a lot of patience and strong nerves. Here are our ultimate tips that are sure to get you tickets this year:


As soon as the advance booking starts and the ticket shop opens, you end up in the queue. There's no getting around the queue. You have to - like it or not. The chances are higher if all of your friends register too and you try your luck together!

Important! If you were in the queue at the start of the presale, don't refresh the page again. In that case you will automatically end up at the end of the queue and have practically no chance of getting tickets. As soon as you are in the queue, just wait and see.

Waiting list

You were out of luck and the ticket sales are over? This is not a problem, because you can be entered on an official waiting list a few days later.

Tickets will always be returned because the transaction did not work out or the lucky buyers of the tickets did not personalize them in time. What bad luck means!

But not for you: with a bit of luck, you will go to Europe's largest festival in summer and have the best DJs and a unique atmosphere sweeten your day there.

The chances are not bad about the official waiting list. However, there is a shortcoming: When registering, you have to indicate on which weekend you want to go and whether you prefer a full weekend ticket or a day ticket!

If you receive an email within a few weeks, it will contain a link that gives you a few days to buy tickets. If the link has expired, then all tickets are already gone or you were too late. However, there is no guarantee of a successful place on the waiting list.

Danger!It happens every now and then that the mail ends up in the spam folder of your mailbox - so you should definitely check it regularly!

Friendship Garden

Another option are the so-called Friendship Garden Tickets, which are very expensive with a total of 4372 euros in the Worldwide Per-Sale and 4942 euros in the Worldwide Ticket Sale and may be a deterrent at first!

But at the high price, the tickets include a few upgrades. Who would be there: This package includes tickets for you and 9 friends that allow entry into the magical world of Tomorrowland promise. With the Friendship Pass, you and your crew have your own area that only you are allowed to enter. Among other things, they have their own sanitary facilities and a good view of what is happening!

If that's not even worth considering. Cost: about 100 euros more per person than a normal weekend ticket with camping!

Global Journey

If you are willing to spend a few euros more on your Tomorrowland adventure, a Globald Journey Package is always an option. The chance of getting a ticket is much higher here.

At the Globald Journey Sale you buy your festival ticket in combination with the journey by train, plane or bus. Hotel packages also go on sale during this phase. A distinction is made between bronze, silver and gold hotels, depending on the hotel's equipment.

The third option is the Discover Europe or Discover Belgium packages. Here you travel together with other Tomorrowland visitors through various cities across Europe or Belgium and end the holiday with a weekend at the festival.

All three things are of course much more expensive than a simple festival ticket, but in any case an experience. If you want to find out more about the Globald Journey packages, you can do so on the Tomorrowland homepage to do.

Party buses

You also have the option of booking your bus trip to Tomorrowland with the official Germany partner Partybuses. Tickets will go on sale there from Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. From this date you can book the bus tour to the festival + a Magnificent Greens Package. But be careful - the number of festival tickets is of course strictly limited. The total price is then made up of the price for the bus trip + the Tomorrowland ticket price.

The departure is possible with party buses from all over Germany. There are 40 departure points to choose from. There is also the option of only booking the bus tour to the festival there, if you have already been successful in one of the advance booking phases. All information on prices and the exact departure points can be found on the Party buses website.


Of course, there are also buyers who for various reasons cannot attend the festival and then sell their tickets online at Viagogo. The tickets there are significantly more expensive, especially due to the high fees. A day ticket, which normally costs around 130 euros including wristbands and fees, can quickly cost over 300 euros there.

On the net you can find a lot of negative things about Viagogo, mainly due to the high fees. We recommend that you try all the normal routes first. If you try it with a group, the chances of success are high.

Should you then decide to buy your ticket through Viagogo, you should be aware that the purchase is always at your own risk. If for some reason you are not allowed to enter the festival, your money is probably gone and your day is over.

Keep your eyes open when buying tickets!

Please be careful with private sellers on social platforms such as Facebook or Ebay. There are often overpriced tickets at exorbitant prices.

Here it can happen that the tickets are fake or the sellers are ripping you off. If that happens to you, you will always have bad memories of the Tomorrowland experience or, in the worst case, you will be able to travel home without even having entered the site once.

Then try again next year instead of throwing a lot of money out the window.

Tomorrowland is a matter of luck!

In addition to our tips, you must not forget that it will always be a matter of luck! Keep a cool head and fight for the dream. We wish you the best of luck and maybe we'll see you in Belgium this summer and celebrate together before Tomorrowland Mainstage.

Important dates for advance sales

Here we have summarized the important data for you again. Make a note of it in the calendar so that you don't forget:

Global Journey Travel Packages - Saturday, January 18 from 5 p.m.

Worldwide Pre Sale - Saturday, January 25th from 5pm

Worldwide Ticket Sale - Saturday, February 1st from 5pm

Credit: Tomorrowland

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