What is Kaggle

Machine learning: Google buys data science platform Kaggle

Google wants to buy the data science platform Kaggle. The US online magazine Techcrunch learned this from a source with inside knowledge.

  1. Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Constance
  2. PROJECT Immobilien, Nuremberg, Germany-wide (home office)

Kaggle is a platform that hosts machine learning, data mining, and predictive modeling competitions. Companies or research institutions can upload their data there. The members of the community then develop models for evaluation. It can be about the early detection of lung cancer, the identification of fish, the prediction of sports results or the recognition of handwritten digits.

Kaggle and Google are launching a competition

A competition is currently running to classify YouTube videos. Kaggle recently announced this together with Google. Prize money of $ 100,000 was offered.

Kaggle was founded in 2010 by Anthony Goldbloom and Ben Hamner. The platform has over half a million registered members. Several hundred to well over 1,000 participants take part in the competitions - they can be individuals or teams.

Techcrunch approached Google and Kaggle for comments. Google refused to comment on the rumors. Kaggle boss Goldbloom declined to deny the sale. If there is anything to the rumor, the Cloud Next conference, which Google is hosting this week, could provide the framework for the announcement.