Why is Magaluf so popular


  • September 9, 2015
  • Mallorca.org editor


Magaluf is a popular tourist destination in Mallorca, and has been particularly attractive to the younger vacationers in recent years. With its many bars and nightclubs, there is a lot to do in the evening, but you don't have to be bored in Magaluf during the day either.

Place and climate

Magaluf is located in the west of Mallorca, near Palma Nova and is 24 km from Palma Airport.
Overall Mallorca is milder in May and September; the hottest month is August when the average temperature reaches 25 degrees C. Swimming in the sea is then very pleasant.

Why is Magaluf so popular with younger tourists?

In addition to the pleasant climate and great beaches, the main attractions of Magaluf are the many bars and clubs. The downside of the coin for other vacationers is that many younger tourists drink too much alcohol while partying and behave accordingly. However, Magaluf authorities have taken steps to stop bad behavior.

Activities in Magaluf

It's fair to say that Magaluf isn't necessarily a family destination or the place for a quiet vacation. Most of the activities available are very lively. But there is also the chance of cheap accommodation as an inexpensive starting point to visit other parts of the island. The busiest areas in Magaluf are BCM Square and The Strip.
It is best to go to Magaluf with an open mind; if you want a quieter time and still go to Magaluf, take advantage of some of the less boisterous activities. You will always have a good time!
Go on a tour: try scuba diving or take a boat tour including swimming. You might even see dolphins!


Visit an amusement park
There are no fewer than three amusement parks in Magaluf; Sol Wave House, where you can surf, Katmandu Park with its many rides and activities (many are suitable for children), and Western Water Park, also suitable for children.
Go to a Show: Don't miss the Pirates Adventure Show; This show has it all, including acrobats and audience participation. Food and drinks are included in the entrance fee.


Visit a nightclub: For friends of house music, the project Magaluf’s dedicated house music venue is recommended. BCM Planet Dance is also popular.
Visit a popular bar: The Piano Bar in Magaluf has very good reviews. It is particularly recommended if you are in the mood for a quieter evening with good entertainment.


Population: 4,192

Tourist information

Oficina de Turismo de Magaluf
Av. Pere de Vaquer, 1st
07181 Magaluf
[email protected]
+34 971 131 126
+34 971 131 188