How does a YouTube channel grow quickly?

6 tips on how to successfully build a YouTube channel

Guest contribution by Michaela Engelshowe - YouTube expert and coach

Hello, my name is Michaela Engelshowe and I am the owner of the agency “Die Netz WG”, which specializes in building YouTube channels for brands. On my blog you get weekly input on the topic of growth on YouTube. My special knowledge: build reach without a media budget! How it works? To do this, you have to understand the YouTube algorithm.

I will now clarify a few of the most important questions for the algorithm with you:

How can you get started as a startup with YouTube?

To be successful on YouTube, you don't always need “glossy formats” or lavishly shot commercials. Success is noticeable when you shoot videos and formats that create added value for viewers and solve their problems.

The buzzword here is content marketing.

My best tips:

Tip # 1: just start!

That sounds very simple, but it is still the biggest hurdle for most!

My motto: Better done than perfect! You should learn from every video and look at the analytics to see what worked and what didn't. And then only send the kind of videos that work.

Tip # 2: Share your content!

Most of them underestimate at the beginning that every activity on the videos can influence the value for the algorithm. So be proud of your content and share it on all social media channels that are available.

The motto here is: A lot helps a lot!

Tip no. 3: focus on one topic!

A challenge for most, but the fact that your channel starts better if you serve a clear niche. Your archive in particular will be stronger as a result.

Tip No. 4: Follow the YouTube Basics 1 × 1

What do I mean by basics?

  • have good thumbnails: clear contrasts, easy to read, at best tells a story
  • writes clickable titles, preferably a mix of headline and SEO
  • conducts keyword research, bearing in mind that every channel has ranking factors and small channels cannot rank for strong keywords.
  • pay attention to your audience loyalty

Tip # 5: Have a good content strategy

Make sure that the content offers added value for the viewer. What can the added value be? Here you have to deal critically with your content. Is this helpful for the viewer? Is he entertaining? Do not fall into the trap of making promotional videos, the higher the added value, the longer the viewer will voluntarily watch your videos. Here you can perhaps derive strong topics from the company's history that you know are in great demand. The better you are positioned here, the faster the canal will grow. The content strategy is the be-all and end-all.

Tip # 6: Be consistent!

YouTube is a marathon. Growth only comes with consistency. You should definitely hold out for a long time and by that I don't mean a few weeks but months. Take a close look beforehand to see how much time you can plan for the project and adjust your upload plan accordingly. You can achieve a lot with regularity alone.

Is YouTube the right channel at all?

YouTube is the right channel for you if you want to achieve more visibility. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. I am also currently observing the trend that more and more hits via Google search land directly on the individual YouTube videos. Google is now making extra space for video content at the top of the search and is positioning it very prominently. Here you can achieve very good visibility with good SEO and kill two birds with one stone.

However, YouTube takes a lot of time. You should be aware that YouTube is a long-term project that, above all, has to be played on regularly.

What are the advantages of YouTube compared to other social media channels?

As mentioned above, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. People go to YouTube specifically to find content on topics that interest them. Hence my advice on your topic to be very pointed, niche and precisely positioned. YouTube likes that and viewers like it too. The clearer it is to everyone what they are getting from you, the better your channel functions. Video belongs to the future and YouTube is now seen as an alternative to television. If you manage to establish a channel, you will have free reach that will reach tens of thousands of people.

How can I grow as a company on YouTube?

Above all, it is important that you understand the algorithm like a YouTube creator and observe various measured values ​​from the analytics. If you keep optimizing the content here, growth will occur.

The most important YouTube Analytics metrics

YouTube Analytics: real-time views

In the best case scenario, this measured value should be viewed daily. The real-time views reveal as soon as something changes in the channel. Are there any anomalies? Is a video overperforming particularly well at the moment? Here you have the overview!

YouTube Analytics: watch time

Playback time is also a metric to watch out for with YouTube Analytics. It is not only important for the number of views you see there, but in combination with the question: How long did the viewers watch the video?

YouTube isn't about clicks, it's about minutes!

YouTube Analytics: audience retention

The viewer retention is related to the playback time. The viewer loyalty tells the algorithm how much of the video that is made available is actually consumed by the viewer. The more that is, of course, the better.

YouTube Analytics: Traffic Sources

Traffic sources is one of the most important metrics to ALWAYS watch. Here you can see exactly where the audience is coming from. Are you coming across the search? Via a subscription? Are you coming through the homepage? Do they come through video suggestions? By analyzing this relationship, you can see where there is still room for improvement.

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I hope you can see a little more clearly now!

Your YouTube coach Michaela Engelshowe