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Spooky scene - environmental activists simulate mass deaths

Shock and horror at the old town market near Poststrasse? People lie motionless on the pavement in the middle of the street. A police car can be seen. Cars jam. People stop. Many just go on. One of them scolds the recumbent. Music is playing. Carry two of the supposed victims Costumes, one is a penguin, another is a polar bear. “We want to live!” It says on the signs.

What's going on there. It's an irritating situation. She has ghostly features. We are witness to a "In the". Literally and explicitly a happening with fake dying - the macabre and haunting climax of another high-profile action by the Braunschweig activists from "Extinction Rebellion". You're doing on Saturday, on World Biodiversity DayTo give a signal: First - as now - numerous species die out, then it hits us too.

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Environmental protection movement relies on civil disobedience and calculated rule violations

"Extinction Rebellion" is one Environmental protection movementthat on civil disobedience and sets calculated rule violations. This is considered to be justified for the existential goal: It is a matter of opposing the loss of species by human Overexploitation and Climate changes to lift. The local group, which is making a name for itself with an active team in Braunschweig, is not radical in this, reports its events and cooperates with the police in risky actions such as on Saturday. A police car that is ready receives a wink before the next "die-in". The officer then stands sideways and stops the city traffic that normally flows through on the one-way street. It is better.

"We need an intact nature as a bulwark against diseases and pandemics," explains Britta Hirschberger from "Extinction Rebellion" on the microphone. And the politicians and the media in Braunschweig are asked: “Tell the truth about the ecological crisis”!

The truth is probably that environmental activists' concerns are not entirely unfounded. According to a recent international study conducted by University of Giessen biodiversity is dwindling at an alarming rate, especially among freshwater creatures. "The speed at which we are losing species today is unprecedented and has not even been achieved in the past during major extinction crises", Thomas Neubauer from the Institute for Animal Ecology and Special Zoology is quoted in a communication from the university that the Informationsdienst Wissenschaft spread. The current one Biodiversity crisisoften referred to as "sixth mass extinction"Is called" one of the critical challenges we face in the 21st century. "

WWW and Nabu: Extinction of species is a thousand times faster than the emergence of new species

In fact, there were mass extinctions before, without human intervention. However, humans could be largely responsible for current developments. The causes are Land use and rededication and with it the loss of ecosystems and habitats. Another factor is climate change. World Wildlife Fund (WWW) and Naturschutzbund (Nabu) always boldly announce that around 150 species disappear from the earth every day. The extinction of animal and plant species is advancing a thousand times faster than the emergence of new species.

This can also be seen most significantly in our region Flyable insects decline observe how it was determined by researchers at the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) in Saxony-Anhalt over a period of about 35 years. An example: Of the 560 domestic ones Wild bee species 200 are on the list of endangered species, 30 are threatened with extinction according to the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND). In Braunschweig there are diverse, high-profile activities, led by the city and the JKI, as Bees and wild bees capital to tackle it.

The method of "Extinction Rebellion" is not shared by everyone, but also serves to protect species

So there are numerous findings, different views and strategies, but the common goal of many scientists and initiatives to bring together species protection, biotope protection and climate protection in the sense of the conservation of species. The method of "Extinction Rebellion" is not shared by everyone, but it also serves this goal. “Biodiversity is ours livelihoodthat is threatened by the climate crisis, our politics and our way of doing business, ”it says there.

Is called for "Revolt against extinction". “We're rebelling,” shouts Britta Hirschberger on Saturday. And they are calling for current motorway projects to be stopped, for example.

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