What is environmental geoscience

Environmental scientist

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Damage limitation in nature

Wherever humans intervene strongly in nature and its cycles, environmental scientists research the exact causes and consequences of these changes. But protecting and preserving landscapes, bodies of water, animal and plant species and their habitats is not enough. Environmental scientists often have to find solutions to ecological problems, to eliminate or alleviate environmental damage that has already occurred.

What am I doing?

Of course, environmental scientists also go outside, but in rare cases that is the untouched nature, but can be industrial sites, building sites, busy streets or disposal facilities. There they carry out measurements, for example take soil samples and then evaluate them in the laboratory. So you work a lot with technical equipment, but also at your desk and computer. Your results flow into development and traffic planning. They prepare expert reports, issue permits or advise companies and municipalities on infrastructure measures.

Environmental scientists are therefore often active in administration, but also in research, politics, public relations or consumer advice. In addition to the scientific facts, they must always take into account social, financial and cultural factors in their tasks and find compromises with experts from these areas.

Where do I work?

Offices, authorities and research institutions as well as companies involved in waste and wastewater disposal, water management, immission control, environmental and nature conservation organizations. Partly also the construction industry, engineering or architecture offices.

What requirements do I need?

Interest in processes in nature and the environment and in scientific work, in-depth knowledge of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and geography

How can I learn this profession?

Environmental sciences can be studied as a focus of the geography and agricultural sciences courses. There is also a three- to four-year bachelor's degree.