What is the timeline of the bible

A timeline of the creation and content of the Bible

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Click on an entry in the timeline for further details or scroll using the mouse wheel or the lower timeline. The timeline continues to be edited.

General information on the timeline

The Bible is an extremely complex book that has been written over many centuries with the help of countless authors and editors. This brings with it all sorts of problems when reading and interpreting the Bible - quite apart from the fact that the authors intend to report something (namely God), which humans cannot comprehensively recognize and understand, which simply eludes their knowledge. In addition, it is important to note the different languages ​​and translations - because every translation is already an interpretation and not every sentence and not every word can be clearly translated into a second language.

Most of the books in the Bible do not understand themselves as history books at all and even when certain historical events are mentioned, they are almost always with the aim of making a special theological statement to convey a knowledge of God. Nevertheless, it is helpful to understand the texts to be able to place them in a historical context. When dealing with the OT for the first time, it is particularly helpful to be able to assign the people involved and the events described in time. The exact genesis of the individual books is only relevant in a later step. On this website I have therefore presented the actions of the books of the OT in a chronological sequence. After clicking on an entry in the timeline, a short, explanatory text appears.

When dealing with the NT for the first time, the point in time at which a book was created is of particular interest, as it is easy to see how strongly a text may be shaped by internal church theological discussions.