Which color top goes with light jeans

Combine jeans: which styles are particularly popular?

Blue jeans, which once served as work trousers, have become an indispensable part of the fashion world. So that the trendy fashion object not only fits well, but also becomes the basis of a cool overall appearance, it is important to observe a few styling rules - because: Jeans are not just jeans. There are countless fits, patterns and designs that should be combined individually.

Which classic jeans fits are there and how are they combined?

We women tend to go shopping again and again to models that we know will flatter our figure. In your own wardrobe you will usually find two to three different fits, although the list of cuts is endless: In addition to the three classics, there are skinny jeans (tube jeans), flared jeans and straight-cut women's jeans (straight jeans) still trendy models like the carrot jeans, the baggy jeans or the Marlene jeans.

Since the three classics can be found in every wardrobe, here are the most important styling tips for these fits:

  • The skinny jeans or also Slim fit jeans is probably the most popular model among women who like to showcase their legs. If the width and length of the women's trousers are right, they nestle like a second skin and the feminine figure is ideally underlined. You can combine a particularly trendy outfit when you combine the skinny jeans with another top in XXL style. A casual XXL sweater, an elegant, light blouse or an airy tunic in summer create a great contrast to skin-tight jeans. In order to visually stretch the legs, especially stylish high heels or pumps can be worn with skinny jeans. But chic branded sneakers are also suitable for a cool everyday look.
  • In the Bootcut jeans / flared jeans it is the complete opposite of skinny pants. It is usually cut tightly at the thigh, while it has a wide foot width at the end of the leg. With such a fit, it is extremely important to choose a top that underlines the feminine silhouette in order to create a balance with the lower area. With one exception: in summer, flared jeans can also be worn with a flowery tunic for the perfect hippie-boho look. However, when choosing a shoe, you should opt for a shoe with a heel to visually stretch your legs. Bootcut jeans with a high waist are particularly popular - in the warmer half of the year, for example, high waist jeans can be combined with a shorter women's shirt.
  • The golden mean between the skin-tight skinny jeans and the flared jeans, cut wider at the end of the leg, is the fit Straight fit This means jeans with a straight leg. This cut is ideal for women who have to deal with small problem areas such as thicker thighs or calves. In principle, straight jeans can be combined in an incredibly versatile way. For a preppy everyday look you can, among other things, fall back on the always trendy checked blouse. If you are not a fan of high heels, you are also super dressed with cool sneakers or chucks.

More styling tips for a trendy jeans look

  • An absolute must for every woman is at least one black pants in the cloakroom. Combining the black jeans is incredibly easy, because the non-color, which also makes you slim, goes with everything! So if you decide on black jeans, you can dig deep into the color pot when choosing the rest of your look and with funky accessories.
  • In addition to the black model, there is also one White pants in the closet. Especially in spring / summer, the non-color is the ideal basis for a fresh, dynamic outfit. Your look is incredibly chic when you combine the white jeans with a blouse or shirt in pastel shades.
  • It is also very popular Destroyed jeans - a model, whether as a skinny or boyfriend fit, which stands for casualness and coolness through tears and fancy washes. You are absolutely on trend this season if you are wearing a pair of destroyed jeans Patches decide! By the way, we have unusual boyfriend jeans models (also with patches) on HoseOnline.de in the MAC Jeans category for women.

The bottom line

Do you want to combine your jeans correctly? It's easier than you think, because even if there are some golden rules for perfect styling, you should choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in - a look that flatters your figure. So that you are not only smartly dressed, but also feel a cozy feeling in your fashion, we recommend stretch jeans that support your movements. Among other things, Angels Jeans for women offer a huge range of trendy models with built-in stretch.

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