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Correctly dose detergent

For newcomers in particular, the information on detergent containers often resembles hieroglyphs. Terms such as water hardness and degree of pollution can quickly lead to confusion. If the mother has filled half of the measuring aid with powder at home, this does not necessarily mean that this also applies to her own laundry. How much does the machine actually need?

Dose detergent: less is not more - it depends on the measure

Dosing the detergent has to be learned. If it is measured too small, not only does the washing effect suffer, but also the clothes. Limescale can build up in it and increase the wear and tear on the laundry. It is also less absorbent and smells unpleasant over time.

Too much detergent, on the other hand, is simply very expensive and harms the environment. Not only does detergent consumption increase, so does the machine's water consumption. Because the overdosed detergent causes the laundry to foam a lot. The result: additional rinsing with clear water is necessary. In addition, despite the rinsing process, detergent residues can remain on the clothes, which not only damage the clothes but also your own skin. This is especially true for allergy sufferers and people with neurodermatitis.

How much detergent per wash? The manufacturer specifies the dosage

There are countless types of detergents available on the market. In addition to normal powder detergents for white and colored laundry, you can also buy liquid or highly concentrated compact detergents. You can even find tabs or gel capsules for the washing machine on the shelves of drugstores and supermarkets. Each manufacturer specifies its own dosage for the respective detergent. This is always on the packaging.

Soft - medium - hard: pay attention to the hardness of the water

On every detergent packaging, be it liquid or powder detergent, the dosage information is based on the hardness of the water. The harder the water, the more lime there is in the water and the higher the amount of detergent and the descaler it already contains. The water hardness varies greatly from region to region. A call to the local water company will quickly clarify the hardness of the water with which your machine is fed.

Light - medium - heavily soiled: more dirt needs more detergent

Ideally, you should separate heavily soiled from lightly soiled laundry and wash them separately. Because according to the manufacturer of your detergent, the dosage is adjusted not only to the water hardness but also to the degree of soiling of the laundry. So if the muddy children's trousers and table linen with grease stains get into the machine, the dosage is higher than with a blouse or silk scarf that has been worn once.

Half a wash - half the dosage

The manufacturer's information generally relates to a machine load of around 4.5 kg. However, if you only wash a few clothes with the Minimum iron program, you can safely adjust the amount of detergent to the amount of laundry. It is the same in the opposite case. Many washing machines already have loads of 6-7 or even 8 kg. Here you have to add a little more detergent to the dispensing chamber accordingly.

Getting a dispensing aid means saving money

In order to be able to divide the amount of detergent precisely, a measuring aid is the ideal means. Numerous well-known manufacturers offer them free of charge. They are either already included in the detergent packaging or can be ordered free of charge via a hotline or on the Internet. In addition, many drugstores also have inexpensive dosing aids on offer. They are available for both liquid and powder detergents.

Dosing calculator on the Internet

If you are still unsure, take a look at the homepage of your detergent manufacturer. Usually a dosing calculator is offered here, which gives you detailed information about the amount of detergent you need.

Dosing the detergent correctly is not a witchcraft. With a little practice and routine, you will soon be able to safely measure out the detergent. In this way you achieve the best washing performance, save senseless water softeners, and protect the environment and your wallet at the same time.
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