How do you think i look

Recommendation of the day: Albrecht Schrader - What do you think of me

Albrecht Schrader comes from Hamburg and studied historical musicology, theater, film, television and classical literature in Cologne. After completing his studies, however, he was more enthusiastic about making music instead of digging through archives five days a week. He has been traveling in countless groups since 2012, most likely as the music director of the radio dance orchestra Ehrenfeld, which has accompanied Jan Böhmermann and his program "Neo Magazin Royale" since 2016. Albrecht has also published solo projects since 2012. After his debut EP “Leben in der Großstadt”, his instrumental album “Warm Hugs'n Silly Grooves” and his 2017 album “Nichtsdestotrotzdem”, the new work “This one spot” was released last Friday, in which Albrecht Schrader is his Childhood in Hamburg celebrated. The song “What do you think about me” can be heard on the new record. It is about the charged situation in which you get to know a person and are plagued by countless thoughts: What clichés cling to me? What should I reveal about myself? How do I look? And above all: "What do you think of me?" With linguistic finesse and the usual puns, Albrecht Schrader skilfully rolls over the fast beat, which is accompanied by siren-like synths, and sings about his uncertainty.

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