Is cycling 10 miles a day good

Help for a 169 mile bike ride

I did a 120 mile tour and it was either over 2 days or 3 days.

The simple estimate is 10 miles per hour for a bike ride. You can easily drive 50 miles in a day. It should take about 4 days at a distance of 169 miles. Sometimes the average speed is closer to 15 mph. You can also take more or less time per day.

I used both front and rear panniers. Placed camping and clothes in the panniers. The sleeping bag is on the luggage rack (can also be used as a soft seat). Tools on the front rack or an easily accessible pocket on the panniers. Another option is a pocket on top of the front rack.

You will need a pump and at least two small water bottle holders or at least one large bottle holder.

Watch out for wind and sharp turns. Remember that your bike has more mass, so mounting and steering will be a little more difficult.

Headlights and taillights are a must, at least the taillight. They want these cars to see you from behind.

You may also want to bring a cell phone and charger. Nice to have in an emergency. Small first aid kit.

As for snacks, the usual trail mix is ​​enough. Helmets are compulsory. A wet rag between your head and helmet would also be nice.

Either drive the route first or explore it with Google Maps. Look for hills and see if there are flat routes around them. Also look for bike paths or routes. These bike lanes provide more isolation between you and those nasty cars (moving or stationary cars with doors opening). Beware of sewer grilles, they tend to damage the rims.

I used high pressure tires on my bike: 90 front, 85 rear. High pressure eases friction on the road and makes pedaling easier. Adjust your seat so that your legs extend at the lowest point on the pedal. This will reduce the possibility of cramped legs.

As a side note, a normal person walks at a speed of 2 miles per hour. If they run a total of 5 hours per day, they will cover an average of 10 miles per day. A bike is 10 miles per hour and you can cover 50 miles in 5 hours. You might want to rethink your duration a little. Also divide your trip into segments. Each segment should end at a hotel or campsite regardless of the distance.


How did you plan the logistics? Where did you sleep and eat?


Good answer, but the wet rag confuses me. Is Mississippi so hot?

Thomas Matthews

The damp rag is a California thing and good for you too Burning of Keep calories cool.

Thomas Matthews

My experience has been driving from Santa Barbara, CA to Los Angeles, CA and from Los Angeles, CA to San Diego, CA. The first trips used hotels. The remaining times were camping.