How do you clarify your ideas

Think differently: 6 clever tips for more ideas

You need a new advertising campaign for the customer, want to create a new design, convince everyone with your presentation ... There are countless moments when it is important to have the right idea. But exactly when it matters, there is a big, black hole in the head. The only things that come to mind are the same things that you have already done yourself a thousand times or seen with others who, in turn, have already copied it from someone. But how do you think differently and generate more ideas?

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Why it pays to think differently

Think differently - for some, this sounds like the best way to block your career opportunities in the shortest possible time. Some companies give their employees the impression that they are only interested in employees who are as uniform as possible, as inconspicuous as possible, who either have no opinion at all or - if they do - should please keep them to themselves.

Sure, there are such employers, but hopefully they are not the majority, because the ideas, suggestions and suggestions of your own employees are an important source of innovation for any company. Unfortunately, not every company is aware of the advantages of thinking differently.

  • They bring a new perspective into discussions.
    Sometimes it just doesn't seem to go any further because all ideas and proposed solutions are useless. A new perspective can be exactly the right thing in this situation, because a stuck situation sometimes just needs a little breath of fresh air to get up and running again.
  • They stimulate change.
    Another opinion can be enough to question existing processes. Even if some things have always been handled in a certain way, that does not mean that it is also the best way.

However, the question still remains to be answered: How do you manage to become exactly the kind of employee who comes up with clever ideas and can provide innovations.

6 clever tips for more ideas

Ideas usually come when you least expect them. It is not without reason that it is a popular tip to simply deal with something completely different in order to come up with a brilliant idea. This technique also promises some success, because while you are distracting yourself, your subconscious mind continues to grapple with the problem, giving you an idea that you might otherwise never have thought of. But you can also do something actively. We have put together 6 tips for you that can help you come up with more and better ideas.

1. Pay attention to existing patterns

People like to think in boxes in order to be able to classify and understand the world around them. Recognizing patterns that keep popping up can also help you come up with more ideas. It is particularly suitable for reacting to a development at an early stage and thus perhaps being a decisive step ahead of the competition. However, this skill is difficult to learn. First and foremost, it comes down to good observation and comprehension.

2. Stay curious

Children are naturally curious, explore their environment and want to learn and experience everything. Unfortunately, many adults lose their curiosity over time and things are only accepted and accepted. However, keeping your curiosity down will open the door to a lot of creative thoughts. Sometimes simple questions can help to arouse curiosity: Why is that so? What happens if…? A fundamental openness to new information and changes also helps to generate innovative ideas and not to remain closed to developments.

3. Show persistence

In a dream world, the first idea would always bring the groundbreaking success that one has always wanted. Unfortunately, the reality is different. Setbacks and missteps are part of it, but you shouldn't doubt yourself right away. Instead, see the challenge of continuing to work on your idea, perhaps making minor changes, and then trying again. This tenacity will help you keep coming up with new ideas to tackle problems.

4. Avoid either-or thinking

Black or white? Right or left? Good or bad? The world cannot be expressed in two dimensions, so don't limit your thinking to that either. Look for ideas in the areas in between and forget about the constant either / or. In this way you broaden your horizons and look at innumerable new possibilities. Replace your inner either / or with the thought that both are possible.

5. Take risks

Safety first. But caution is also a brake on ideas. If you are unwilling to take a risk when the opportunity presents itself, you are missing out on many opportunities. Good ideas are not guaranteed to be successful, but if you don't try them, you can't find out either. So take heart more often and actually implement your ideas. It may feel unfamiliar at first, but it gives you the confidence to be active in the future as well.

6. Swim against the current

There are two types of ideas: the normal ideas that everyone has and the special ideas that are extraordinary and can produce real innovations. The ideas in the second category have one thing in common: They do not fit into conventional thought patterns. Sometimes you just have to go against the tide to generate ideas that stand out from others.

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