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This year's joint technical meeting and further training of the Lower Franconian business teachers at technical and vocational schools took place on July 5th, 2018 in the Aschaffenburg city theater. This year the organizer was the business faculty of the vocational high school Aschaffenburg. The topic of this year's training was "City Marketing and Cultural Management in Aschaffenburg". Two lectures and a guided tour through the Aschaffenburg City Theater were on the program. First of all, Mr. Burkard Fleckenstein, Head of the City of Aschaffenburg's Department of Culture, gave interesting insights into the management of the Aschaffenburg City Theater. The 34 teachers from all over Lower Franconia were also able to take a look behind the scenes of the theater. In addition to numerous information about the history, planning, organization and financing of the cultural scene, Mr. Fleckenstein also had lots of informative anecdotes about the city theater ready.

This was followed by an entertaining lecture by Mr. Sven-Olaf Brüggemann, Plant Manager of the Aschaffenburg Congress and Tourism Company and Managing Director of the Aschaffenburg City Marketing Association. Mr. Brüggemann presented a wealth of implemented and planned marketing projects. For example, the series of events "Summer in Aschaffenburg: Diversity, enjoyment and joie de vivre" is currently running in Aschaffenburg. A cooperation between the city administration and retailers, restaurants and clubs. Existing events such as the original Hamburg fish market, the culture days or the city festival are grouped under this brand and free time slots are supplemented with new events (e.g. sports and outdoor events, Aschaffenburg amateurs' barbecue championship, etc.). The central stage is the so-called Schöntal stage in front of the City Gallery with numerous concerts and demonstrations.

From April to September as many visitors and guests as possible should be attracted to the Aschaffenburg city center. City marketing takes on the advertising measures for this. The large number of measures intends, among other things, to promote the attractiveness as a business location, to improve citizens' identification with their city, to retain purchasing power and to revitalize the inner city. At the end of the joint technical meeting and training, the participants met for an intensive and profitable exchange of ideas in an Aschaffenburg beer garden.

Thorsten Merz
Supervisor Economics of the
Vocational high school Aschaffenburg

British culture in the Mediterranean

The English faculty of the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg on Malta

In the second week of the Easter break, the teachers of the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg English faculty were once again on the road to further training. After Edinburgh 2013 and Dublin 2016, Malta was chosen this time. And for good reason: the present-day republic between the southern tip of Italy and the North African coast was consistently under the changing influences of the great cultures around the Mediterranean in its eventful past and finally became an English crown colony in 1814. The island retained this status until 1964, so that Malta has had a British influence in its recent history. And that is exactly what piqued our interest.

Already during the city tour through Valletta we were able to recognize the different cultural colors: The closed balconies on the historical facades as a sign of an Arabic architectural style meet a large number of Christian sacred buildings such as the famous St. John's Co-Cathedral in the heart of Valletta. We were able to see the imposing fortifications of the capital during a harbor tour from the sea. In addition to the magnificent view of Valletta, the tour also crossed the winding port facilities of the neighboring cities of Sliema and Msida to finally reach the Grand Harbor, where huge cruise ships dock almost every day.

We then paid special attention to another specialty of Malta: the local language schools with offers for all ages and levels. The combination of language course and leisure activities in a Mediterranean atmosphere is only too understandable, as we were able to experience from Tess Giordmaina, the head of the school, during our visit to the Cavendish School of English. Following these explanations, we were allowed to sit in on various courses, which enabled a very concrete insight into the conception and approach of the school, which we can now pass on to interested students at the FOS / BOS. The courses can be booked through the Panke Sprachreisen agency, whose director also made it possible for us to visit - thank you very much!

Our program was rounded off by a guided tour of the university, which also underlines the cultural openness of Malta, trips to the historic old town of Mdina and the Golden Bay as well as numerous culinary excursions.

Conclusion: Malta has impressed everyone - and we are continuing our education!

Alexander Elbert

Pupils of the integration classes of the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg visit the Bavarian state parliament

Thanks to the invitation of Hans Jürgen Fahn, member of the state parliament, on January 23 the pupils of the integration preschool and the BIK1 were ready to go to the Bavarian capital! First we took the ICE to Munich, where we arrived at around 11 a.m. and took a leisurely stroll through the city center on foot to the Maximilianeum. There we were able to fortify ourselves with a turkey schnitzel and french fries in the canteen there before we were given a tour of the building, during which we learned a lot about its history and demonstrated our knowledge of the political system in Germany, parties, politicians and Bavaria could ask.
In the plenary hall, we were even allowed to take the seats of the MPs ourselves and take some funny souvenir photos. It was there that Dr. Fahn to us, who patiently and competently answered questions about school and asylum policy as well as his personal plans for the election year. Then we ended the afternoon with a stroll through Munich city center or with a climb up the "Old Peter", which offers a fantastic view over Munich, before we went back to Aschaffenburg in the evening - packed with kebab, pizza and hamburgers .

On October 24th, the State Student Council honored the winning schools of its traditionally held competition on the premises of the Catholic University Community of the Technical University of Munich. This year's format was called "Live Tolerance". The Integrations-AG of FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg was able to convince throughout Bavaria with a particularly outstanding performance. It was one of five winning schools and received prize money of 800 euros. In its laudation, the regional student council particularly praised the diversity and continuity of the work of the group.
The working group aims to actively and sustainably promote the integration of refugees in the city of Aschaffenburg through joint activities. Through joint weekly activities such as the school sports project "Sport nach 1", in which German students play sports in the afternoons with integration students, learning sponsorships, barbecues, bowling and game evenings as well as an annual football integration cup and numerous other activities, since the 2014 school year / 2015 for active integration. Refugees of various origins were also financially and materially supported. The project week under the motto "Flight and Asylum" could also contribute to raising the pupils' awareness of the topic. Thus, integration is made possible continuously and with many individual activities and promoted. Tolerance will not be the subject of a one-off project, but will be lived for years, according to the regional school council in closing words.
Guests of honor were the regional bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Professor Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, the State Secretary for Education and Culture, Georg Eisenreich, and the managing director Dr. Andrea Andrea Taubenböck from the Bavarian Value Alliance and the chairman of the philologists' association, Michael Schwägerl, were present. The patron of the event was the Bavarian Youth Ring.

The seminar "Health" on July 26th, 2017 was pleased about the visit of the ecotrophologist and alternative practitioner Franziska Englert. Under the topic "# health - What is a healthy way of life and nutrition?" At the beginning, the speaker gave us an interesting and instructive introduction to food science in order to shed light on the confusing diet jungle. A healthy diet is to provide the body with unprocessed foods made up of the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is why the alternative practitioner advocates picking up the wooden spoon and refraining from using so-called convenience products (= foods that are industrially processed or processed in such a way that preparation in the kitchen is shortened and / or facilitated). The pupils were able to test for themselves that the preparation of healthy and home-cooked food is easy, fun and even tastes good. After preparing a pina-colada smoothie, vegetables were cut together and crepe dough was prepared. The result could be seen and, above all, tasted. Franzi had already prepared delicious muffins for dessert, which we could decorate with two homemade toppings and enjoy. Finally, the school kitchen was cleaned together. A thank you also goes to the cafeteria operator Ümit for the willing provision of the kitchen. Finally, the seminar thanks Franziska Englert for the very interesting, instructive and entertaining cooking morning and the delicious recipes that each participant was allowed to take home in the form of a script.

The FOSBOS sports day took place on Thursday, July 27th. In the Dämmer Halle the students met with Mr. Wissel and Mr. Spiegel for a table tennis tournament. There were 19 students at the start, who first played out the respective group winner in 4 groups in the mode with two winning sets. In the final round, all group leaders, all group runners-up, etc. met each other. The first played from places 1-4 in 3 winning sets, the second from places 5-8, etc.
In the end, the winner was clear: Artur Tamojan from BIK 1 won the group with 4: 0 games and 8: 1 sets and in the final with 3: 0 games and 9: 0 sets. With the girls who played with the boys, Chiara-Sue Wagner won the 11f (fifth in the final score). She only lost to the eventual winner Artur in the group. Axel Reinschmidt from 11a won group 3 (places 9-12), Nicklas Häckert from 11k won group 4 (places 13-16) and Robin Geis from 11c won group 5 (places 17 -19).
(Yannick Wolf)

In addition to table tennis, the students were able to choose from other activities, so that there was something suitable for everyone. Under the title "Aufbruch!" the religion teacher Dr. Pechtl and Mr. Geissendörfer in memory of the last Prince-Archbishop of Mainz Carl Theodor von Dalberg before 200 and the beginning of the Reformation 500 years ago with numerous FOS / BOS members on a cultural tour.
In the meantime, a badminton tournament was being held in the gym and the footballers fought in class teams on the Twilight artificial turf pitch for the coveted winner's trophy, which the FOS pre-class was allowed to hold in their hands at the end. Congratulations! The boys from the preliminary class were also able to convince in the subsequent match against the teachers.

Other events took place in the main building of the school. Exciting chess games were held with the aim of checkingmate the opponent. The Wing Tai martial arts school from Haibach taught the basics of self-defense, while the students received insights into the world of yoga from the trained yoga teacher Ms. Rußmann. A big thank you to the two cooperation partners.

The FOS / BOS would also like to thank the CLEVER FIT Studio in the Dämmer Carré for the good cooperation, which enabled a group of athletes to try out the practical implementation of strength and endurance training. Another group of students learned to play boules on the hard court in front of the school. Due to the constant rain in the morning, the tennis event at the TC Schönbusch could not take place. Overall, the sports day was still a complete success and will certainly take place again in the next school year.

The FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg, already at the start for the eighth time in a row, was represented this year with 35 runners. The school thus had the second highest number of participants in the institutions category. After the victory last year, the joy of the enthusiasm for running at the school was huge again. The preparation for the sporting competition took place as part of the weekly running meeting. The school's running team did an excellent job on the new route. At the end, the athletes let the day of the race end with a nice meal. Thank you very much again to the SMV, which paid the entry fee and the cost of the T-shirts for the students.

The cold and blowing snow were not an obstacle for some of the teachers in our school to cycle during the Easter holidays. The train went via Hanau to Niddatal. There the bike tour began with low temperatures but sunny skies. Along the Nidda we went upstream towards Schotten. The goal of the bike tour was the second highest elevation in the Vogelsberg region, the Hoherodskopf (768m). The ascent to the Hoherodskopf was accompanied by heavy snowdrifts and snowfall at the end. At the "summit" arrival at the Traufsteinhütte there was 5cm of snow! After a short rest in a restaurant the sun was shining again, so that the descent could take place in the sunshine. After spending the night in Nidda, the next day the cyclists drove back to Aschaffenburg via the Limes cycle path in the best possible weather and in a good mood. The cycling troop hopes that their valued colleague Jochen Schwitulla will remain loyal to them for the next few years despite his retirement at the end of the school year.

On Friday, April 7th, 2017, the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg hosted an information event about the programs and goals of the parties currently represented in the state parliament on the occasion of the upcoming federal election 2017. The teachers Sabrina Berberich, Christopher Fahn, Sylvia Münch and Barbara Ritter as well as students from class 11f had the idea for this event. At the beginning Tim Sandt (12H) presented his sociopolitical project "Sandt hakt nach" to the approximately 200 guests present. This is a series of interviews in which the student has asked around 30 different politicians and celebrities on political and social issues over the past three years in order to arouse interest in politics in young people.

Subsequently, an eleventh class of the FOS / BOS presented their short video on political participation in a pluralistic society and made the differences between a democracy and a dictatorship clear.

After the contributions of the individual students, the real highlight of the event took place, namely a panel discussion between the guests present Andrea Lindholz (CSU, member of the Bundestag for constituency 247), Alexander Mosca-Spatz (Bundestag candidate of the SPD), Niklas Wagener (candidate for the Greens), Hans-Jürgen Fahn (Free Voters, MdL) and Tanja Wolf (Political Scientist at the University of Würzburg). During this discussion, the students were able to ask their prepared questions on various policy areas. The discussion was moderated by Christoph Vollenweider, a former student of the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg.

The topics of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, education, environment and security were discussed. Particularly controversial was the temporary employment of teachers and the associated social injustice, with the green top candidate Wagener sharply criticizing the incumbent Bundestag candidate Lindholz and her ruling party in Bavaria and in the federal government. Ms. Lindholz, however, cleverly evaded the accusation and drew attention to the Basic Law and the existing regulations.

Furthermore, important and interesting questions for schoolchildren, including the connection of our region to the Rhine-Main area by public transport and the resulting chances of good jobs and prospects in later professional life, were discussed.

The round ended with the topic of migration, in which the candidates from the SPD, Greens and Free Voters sharply criticized the deportations to Afghanistan in Bavaria. The Bundestag member concerned Lindholz countered, however, with the argument that it was the SPD-led Foreign Office under the leadership of Sigmar Gabriel, which classified some regions of Afghanistan as safe areas of origin.

As a small thank you to the guests present, the panelists provided information material about the German Bundestag and then the students were released on their well-deserved vacation.

(Christopher Buller & Tim Sandt, 12HW)

On March 14, 2017, the third edition of the football charity tournament for the benefit of young asylum seekers took place in the Schönberghalle in Aschaffenburg. The event was organized by the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg. Mayor Ms. Jessica Euler and school principal Mr. Leif Mirring welcomed eight teams from our region. In addition to the Dalberg, Kronberg, Hanns-Seidel and Dessauer grammar schools, the vocational high schools were also strongly represented this year. In addition to the host teams of the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg, the teams of the FOS / BOS Marktheidenfeld and the FOS / BOS Obernburg strengthened the field of participants. The victory was won again by the kickers of the Hanns-Seidel-Gymnasium. It was particularly gratifying that donations totaling 312 euros were received. As in previous years, the proceeds went to FAiA (leisure activities for young asylum seekers in Aschaffenburg).

After our AG Integration "Lived Together at FOSBOS Aschaffenburg" was awarded the Aschaffenburg Integration Prize in April 2016 for its exemplary integration work, it has now received the second prize at the Lower Franconian level. The award ceremony took place in Würzburg.
Congratulations for the great performance!
This school year, with Ms. StRin Schöne, a school psychologist has been integrated into our staff for the first time. Further information can be found under Advice.
The college of the state technical and vocational high school mourns the loss of its former headmaster

Gottfried Jahrsdörfer.

From the official founding of the technical college in Aschaffenburg in September 1970 to February 1982, he was in charge of the school.
February 15 to 19, 2016

We would like to thank Mr. Peter Sommer, class 12g of the FOS-Wirtschaft in the 2015/2016 school year, for the extensive documentation of the project week and for making the film.

Also this year the FOSBOS was at the start with a team of students, teachers and headmasters at the Hypo-Lauf ...
... and showed full commitment from the start.

According to popular belief, teachers indulge in idleness during the holidays or - this is also sometimes assumed - use the non-teaching time to review their lessons and correct the work of their students. As a teacher, however, you can also combine the pleasant with the useful. This was the opinion of the colleagues from the English student council at FOSBOS Aschaffenburg and, in the second week of the Whitsun holidays, set off in a good mood for an in-house training course in Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

The expectations of this trip were high and, as it quickly turned out, were fully met, as we were able to collect numerous profitable impressions. In addition to guided tours of striking historical places in the city center and the renowned Trinity College, we visited the Irish Parliament, where we were informed about its history and workings. The cultural highlight was certainly the visit to a production of the tragedy "Othello" by William Shakespeare in the Abbey Theater, the Irish national theater, which we were allowed to explore backstage before the performance.

From a school perspective, the visit to the Sutton Park School enriched us, where we could attend classes one morning and exchange ideas with Irish colleagues. The resulting contacts are to be deepened and expanded in the future.

In connection with various culinary excursions that took us to traditional pubs or to Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant, the result was a very diverse week that not only brought new experiences, but also strengthened us as a team. After Edinburgh (2013) and Dublin this year, the question arises: Where are we going next? The answer remains open for the time being, but that we will be on our way again, that's for sure.


The arrival of many people from large parts of the world who seek refuge in Germany was already an important topic in the last school year at FOSBOS Aschaffenburg. An increasing number of young asylum seekers have been taught at Vocational School I in Aschaffenburg since autumn 2014, and in order to support our colleagues there in their endeavors, the first concrete forms of cooperation arose through joint sporting activities. As is well known, the situation worsened enormously by the summer of 2015 at the latest, and the term refugee crisis has been defining media reporting ever since. The conviction that a crisis can also be seen as an opportunity was reason enough for everyone involved at FOSBOS to expand their existing commitment. At the beginning of this school year, the planning for a project week on the subject of escape and asylum, which took place at our school from February 15-19, 2016, began. All classes at the school were given the opportunity to realize projects, take part in workshops or attend seminars on this topic. At the same time, colleagues at the vocational school had the opportunity to take part in the various program items with their protégés, which was actively used. What was going on at FOSBOS? The following is an excerpt from the wide range on offer.

The first highlight of the week was the opening of the exhibition "Asylum is a human right" by Björn Wortmann from the DGB. His remarks on the current refugee situation in Lower Franconia were extended by a lecture by the Bavarian Minister of Justice, Prof. Dr. Winfried Bausback (CSU). In very emphatic and free words, he conveyed to the students present the complex demands that politics and justice in the Free State are faced with due to the arrival of such a large number of people seeking help. He emphasized the great merits of volunteers and then answered numerous questions from the audience.

On February 17th, 2016, a project day with an enormous range of activities for all classes took place at FOSBOS Aschaffenburg. The information events offered were followed with great interest.

First of all, the mayor Jürgen Herzing (SPD) offered a lecture in the multi-purpose room, who was able to give the students a very detailed picture of Aschaffenburg's refugee policy. He also informed the students about the emergency accommodation in Schweinheim in the Erbighalle. The following overview by Mayor Jessica Euler (CSU), who particularly responded to Aschaffenburg's efforts with regard to the integration of refugees, also met with a great response. Finally, it became very specific about the future situation at FOSBOS: the director of Vocational School I, Reinhard Schönweiß, reported on the experiences with the schooling of asylum seekers, which is taking up an ever larger area. His words were particularly interesting for the students and teachers of the FOSBOS, as an integration class is also taught at our school from the second half of the school year.

The words were also supplemented by a lot of practical things: bowling and breakfast together with pupils from the integration classes, cinema seminars in the casino, an intercultural chess tournament, an excursion to the communal accommodation in Aschaffenburg, the "Human Rights" and "Intercultural Training" workshops as well as lectures by SEFRA and Caritas. At the end of the day there was a very special treat: In the VHS kitchen there was steam and hissing not bad, while young women from Iran conjured up an international crossover menu with schoolchildren.

In addition to the pleasant, problem areas were not left out. On Thursday, February 18, 2016, Alexander Schmidt, a scholar of Islamic studies, was invited by the religion department. Mr. Schmidt is currently doing his doctorate with the renowned Islamic theologian Prof. Khorchide at the University of Münster. In two lively lectures he gave students and teachers an insight into modern Islamic theology. He also went into the extremely problematic Salafist movement within the Muslim world.

In addition to numerous presentations of project results in the morning, the week ended with the football benefit tournament held for the second time in the gym of the Schönberg School. Mayor Jessica Euler and headmaster Leif Mirring welcomed eight teams from schools in the region, who fought a hot fight for the Integration Cup 2016, just like last year. The victory went to the kickers of the Hanns-Seidel-Gymnasium, which the boys from FOSBOS Aschaffenburg were able to narrowly defeat in an exciting final. Third place went to a syndicate made up of pupils from the integration classes and the FOSBOS - and thus impressively demonstrated that integration can succeed.

This realization is at the same time our conclusion after an exciting, varied week. It was also particularly gratifying that donations totaling 600 euros could be received on the day of the tournament. The proceeds were donated to FAiA (leisure activities for young asylum seekers in Aschaffenburg). We would like to thank all representatives from politics, administration and public authorities who supported us and broadened our horizons with regard to what is perhaps the most demanding social challenge of our time. Armed in this way, we can master them.

Kim-Alina Fischer (12g), Tobias Wissel, Alexander Elbert and Christopher Fahn

Also in this school year the SMV of the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg organized donation campaigns for needy children in order to give them a special joy for Christmas. The wish of the class representatives was to give gifts to children from socially disadvantaged families in the region and refugee children from the collective accommodation for refugees in Aschaffenburg alike. Therefore, the first choice fell on the "Leuchtende Kinderaugen" campaign, a children's aid campaign that delights over 2000 needy children and young people from Aschaffenburg and the surrounding area with toys for Christmas. The FOS / BOS students were able to make an active contribution to this with two full car loads of collected gifts.

The classes filled over 35 Christmas bags for the shared accommodation. As in previous school years, the students showed particular generosity, considering that the content is made up of urgently needed everyday items such as school supplies and hygiene items with a total value of over 500 euros.

At the beginning of the 2015/16 school year - after the transfer of our former headmistress Dr. Rehm in her well-deserved retirement - the school management of the vocational high school Aschaffenburg changed.

We - the new team - would like to introduce ourselves briefly here. As of this school year, the school management will be Mr. Leif Mirring, Mr. Gunnar Mauß and Mr. Anton Kaufmann, who will be supported in the tried and tested manner by the administrative staff Ms. Beate Albert, Ms. Ingrid Dorn, Ms. Christine Pichura and Ms. Reinhilde Wissel.

In times of tight public budgets and pressing social problems, we made a conscious decision against an introductory event and in favor of a donation to the "Leisure time for young asylum seekers" in Aschaffenburg, with which we have been cooperating for about a year.

During the farewell speeches it came up again and again: Showing mutual appreciation and creating a climate in which teachers and students can feel equally comfortable was one of the most important goals in Angelika Rehm's professional life. As the head of the state technical college and vocational college in Aschaffenburg, she retired at the end of the 2014/2015 school year.

But the 65-year-old native of Duisburg does not want to retire properly in the near future. Her voluntary work, for example as the national chairwoman of the Association of Teachers at Business Schools or as a member of the Presidium of the German Teachers' Association, will provide her with work for a few more years.

Dr. Angelika Rehm looking back at her last official change in autumn 2008 from the Bamberg vocational school to the FOS / BOS in Aschaffenburg. At that time, the Aschaffenburg school suffered from a lack of space and, in addition to the main office in Pfaffengasse, was spread over four remote offices in the city. In 2011 the longed-for move to the new building in Damm came. The headmistress is still happy today that the building turned out to be really beautiful. She is particularly fond of the green inner courtyard.

In future she will also be able to look at the school house at home, because as a farewell gift from "her" school she received a spherical replica of the school house, among other things.

Rehm's successor is Leif Mirring, who was her deputy for seven years. Gunnar Mauß succeeds him as deputy headmaster.

On Monday, July 6th, 2015, an exchange of experiences on the subject of "Schools are committed to refugees" took place at the Vocational High School Aschaffenburg. The meeting was initiated by the "Human Dignity for Refugees Aschaffenburg" initiative group. Several project groups from different schools reported on their cooperation with asylum seekers and gave each other suggestions for expanding the respective projects. In the future, too, the aim is to sensitize as many schoolchildren as possible to voluntary work and to pursue active integration through various activities. Representatives of the Hanns-Seidel-Gymnasium Hösbach, the private business school Krauss Aschaffenburg, the Dalberg-Gymnasium Aschaffenburg, the Hermann-Staudinger-Gymnasium Erlenbach, the Karl-Ernst-Gymnasium Amorbach, the vocational school I in Aschaffenburg and the integration group of FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg.

At the end of the discussion, which was held by MdL Dr. Hans Jürgen Fahn, spokesman for the initiative group, all participants agreed: The students at the schools in our region have already achieved a lot through their commitment and will continue to do so in the future. It has been clearly shown that they can make a significant contribution to successful integration through joint activities in the areas of sport and leisure as well as support in learning the German language. Help with language problems in particular should become even more of a focus. In the coming school year, it is planned that pupils from the schools mentioned above will actively support vocational school I in developing a concept for targeted tutoring in German.

When young refugees arrive in Germany, they usually have a long and arduous journey behind them. Your previous life has been severely interrupted. Education and training offer a great opportunity for stabilization and also for social contacts. Uncertainties such as the fear of deportation still persist, although the majority of the refugees stay in Aschaffenburg for a few years and stay in Germany forever after being recognized. The 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention already attaches great importance to the integration of refugees. The coexistence of different cultures works best when locals and refugees can participate equally in social life. It is important that communication takes place at the same level. And this works best with joint sporting activities such as playing football.

In the school year 2014/2015 the working group (AG) "Integration" was founded at the Vocational High School Aschaffenburg (FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg). The idea of ​​this is to actively and sustainably support the refugees in Aschaffenburg through joint activities, which leaves similar positive effects on the German students and improves social skills on both sides.

The participants are supported by the initiative group "Human dignity for refugees Aschaffenburg". This initiative group has existed since May 2011, supports the refugees on site (including regular consultation hours in the communal accommodation, holding communal events such as the summer festival) and was awarded the integration prize of the city of Aschaffenburg in 2013. In order to prepare the participants of the working group for the cooperation with the young people from the GU, a workshop on the topic "Flight and Asylum" took place at the beginning. In this, important terms such as "Residenzpflicht" or "Duldung" were thematized and discussed. The participants also received interesting insights into the everyday life of a refugee from the speaker, Esther Seibert (spokeswoman for the initiative group for refugees in Aschaffenburg). At the end of the workshop, ideas were collected about which joint activities are planned for this school year, such as B. joint cooking and games evenings or a city rally. The main focus is the planned football benefit tournament in favor of the community accommodation (GU) for refugees. The tournament will take place on March 17th, 2015 from 2.30 p.m. in the Schönberghalle in Aschaffenburg. Various schools from Aschaffenburg and the surrounding area take part. One of these teams consists of young refugees who come from the Aschaffenburg area. The proceeds from the sale of cakes and drinks on the day of the tournament and a donation of 500 euros by the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg will benefit the GU. Since the refugees have their own team, they are prepared for the event as part of a weekly training session. Since the end of January we have been training hard every Friday from 2 p.m., which is also great fun. Together with the FOS / BOS team, joint training units are completed and thus a contribution to active integration is made. The planned soccer tournament should be a first component and an introduction to further joint school projects by young refugees and schoolchildren from Bavaria. These joint activities bring considerable gains for both sides and can be described as win-win projects with great sustainability. It is planned to install this football tournament as an annual permanent facility and to win further schools for joint projects with the refugees in cooperation with the initiative group "Human Dignity for Refugees Aschaffenburg". The FOS / BOS project should therefore have a multiplier effect and include the Miltenberg district in addition to the Aschaffenburg area in the continuation of the football tournament.

As every year, the FOSBOS Aschaffenburg classes do not fight for grade points at the end of the year in the Schönberg gym, but for volleyball points. More than half of all classes took part in the 2014 tournament. Special congratulations go to class 12bT (FOS), who prevailed against 12aT (FOS) in the final of the student teams and played three exciting final movements with the teaching team.

Also this year, gift packages were collected in many schools for the Johanniter E.V. "Christmas in a shoe box" campaign, including at the FOS / BOS Aschaffenburg. There, more than fifty parcels were handed in in 33 classes - a result that has far exceeded the efforts made in recent years. The school management and the SMV were extremely pleased about this, as they were not only surprised by the high stacks of parcels, but just as happy that so many students have agreed to participate in this charitable campaign to give people in need a Christmas joy. The SMV would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the 11mS class for a total of six packages. This outstanding effort is rewarded with a delicious, festive surprise.

On the photo the cheerful SMV from left: Michael Lenski 2nd student representative FOS, Angela Rödler 1st student representative BOS, Nicole Kunkel 1st student representative FOS, Alexander Elbert liaison teacher BOS, Mustafa Sadikoglu 2nd student representative BOS, Christopher Fahn liaison teacher FOS

In times that are dominated by digital, mostly audiovisual media, it is a primary task of school education to motivate young people to read. As part of the "Nationwide Reading Day" on November 21, 2014, the Vocational High School Aschaffenburg (FOS / BOS) was given a special opportunity to meet this objective, as two authors from the region were willing to read from their books.

After a warm welcome from the headmistress, Dr. Angelika Rehm, Christiane Wagner started. The qualified translator has published a work entitled "Der Bastard von Leven" under the pseudonym Christie Ann Kaiser. This novel represents the first volume in the series "Die Kämpen Cellingrails", a sequel, "Die Feuerhexe von Madran", will appear shortly. As the title suggests, Kaiser moves in the field of fantastic literature. In her texts she creates an impressive world full of mysticism and magic, the liveliness of which enables an alternative to our often unemotional, technological present. With that she managed to cast a spell over the audience.

In contrast, the second writer, Zoe Ann Tu, is consistently turned towards reality. After completing her studies, she worked for large international corporations and medium-sized companies until she decided two years ago to take on new tasks. Since then she has been working as a freelance consultant and columnist. Her novel "Schwungfeder" tells the life stories of two young women named Fei Yu and Jessica who only meet by chance, but whose fates are mysteriously interwoven. Both protagonists share their Chinese roots, but they are socialized under completely different conditions - Jessica grew up in Europe, Fei Yu in the Chinese province. The unfolding story enables precise, contrasting insights into two cultures that, despite their differences, meet in the course of globalization, which left a lasting impression on the students. Of particular interest was the question of how one even manages to publish a book so that the challenges and problem areas of today's book market become tangible. Conclusion: The pupils are to be enthusiastic about the beauty of the written word - especially when it is presented so charmingly.

Alexander Elbert

Another title defense in the 2014 dragon boat race

The powerful FOSBOS Dragons I team managed to defend the title in the dragon boat race school cup of the SSKC Poseidon Aschaffenburg on July 6th, 2014. In an exciting final, the Kronberg-Gymnasium team was narrowly beaten.

Toy logistics - from 3D Tetris and moving cardboard boxes

For most students, the following situation should not be strange: the teacher writes some formulas, calculation steps or proofs on the blackboard in math class, but once again you only understand train station. "What do I need that for later?", One or the other desperate student will probably ask himself often.

One possible answer is: In logistics and production technology! All pupils in grades 12 FOS Technik, 12 BOS Technik and 13th grade students were able to convince themselves of this on February 28, 2014. On that day, everyone was happy to welcome the former student Peter Hasenstab back to his former school.

After successfully graduating from FOS in 2006, Hasenstab began his bachelor's degree in applied mathematics at the TU Darmstadt, then moved to the Humboldt University in Berlin, where he completed his master's degree in business informatics. He wrote his thesis in collaboration with his future and current employer, the children's toy company "my Toys". Thematically, the thesis is about solving a logistical problem.

As you can easily imagine, the company, which operates across Germany, receives many thousands of orders every day. The question now arose as to how the requested items can be packed in such a way that the boxes do not take up an unnecessarily large amount of space. Because the inefficient use of packaging material naturally leads to a waste of valuable resources and higher costs for the company. It was Hasenstab's task to find an algorithm so that the individual items can be packed into the box in the optimal order and with as little waste of space as possible. The problem, which at first glance appeared to be quite simple, soon turned out to be mathematically highly complex. The solution was found using sophisticated mathematical methods, especially those of linear algebra (vectors and matrix calculation). However, Mr. Hasenstab went on to explain that an optimized mathematical problem can rarely be applied 1: 1 to reality. The manual handling of the workers in the warehouse also had to be taken into account in the solution approaches. In order to get a better insight into the daily work of the warehouse workers, he even stood on the assembly line for a few days!

After a few months of labor-intensive production, however, the end result was more automated, which, for example, reduced the frequency of errors many times over. Last but not least, the optimization also made things easier for the employees, as the proportion of temporary work could be reduced significantly in favor of permanent positions.

In the meantime, Mr. Hasenstab is working together with an interdisciplinary team of business students, industrial engineers and mathematicians on a new, even larger project. Of course, mathematics again plays a not insignificant role!

In general, the lecture gave the students a very good overview of the variety of mathematical applications in professional life. There is also hope that this finding will lead to a few less desperate students in future math lessons.

by Jonathan Simon, grade 13WW

Christmas campaign in the 2013/14 school year

This year, too, the classes diligently collected food, crayons, etc. for needy families, packed them in cardboard boxes and handed them over to the SMV. The parcels went to the Johanniter relief campaign "Christmas truck".

The SMV would like to thank you very much for the donations!

The college of the state technical and vocational school mourns the loss of its former colleague

Henning Görs.

We will always fondly remember him as our valued colleagues and educators.

Title defense in the dragon boat race 2013

The powerful team FOS / BOS Dragons II managed to defend the title in the dragon boat race school cup of the SSKC Poseidon Aschaffenburg on July 7th, 2013. The team of the Friedrich-Dessauer Gymnasium was beaten with the best time in an exciting and close final.

Shoe box campaign 2012

During the Advent season, the FOSBOS students collected a lot of shoe boxes. These were filled with food and toys for needy families in Romania.

The SMV would like to thank you very much for the donations!
Death of the tyrant!
The theater group of the vocational high school Aschaffenburg criticizes capitalism with the play "Bürgen creates! Ein Stück Schiller"

"Damon, the dagger in the robe, crept to Dionys the tyrant", so begins the ballad "Die Bürgschaft", composed by Friedrich Schiller in 1798, with which the play "Bürgen creates itself!" (Schiller / Frankl) deals with humor and criticism. The theater group, consisting of pupils of the 11th and 12th grade, presented it under the direction of Joachim Gödert with recognizable enthusiasm and outstanding interaction and not only skilfully staged the given roles, but also rebuilt the scenery and enthused With skillful puns, chic costumes (the tyrant wears Prada!), adaptations of current film sets and original directors' ideas, the audience in the well-filled foyer of the vocational high school (FOS / BOS) on the Dämmer Steg. The familiarity with which the very talented actors and actresses acted together on stage was palpable for the audience, and their confident knowledge of the text was impressive ...
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Mathematics as a starting point for technical specialization