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It's no secret that the Tesla boss is one of the biggest workhorses. But how do you cope with a 100-hour week, and still be so successful at it?

Elon Musk is a true jack of all trades and a passionate founder. Among other things, Im owns the electric car manufacturer Tesla, the private space company SpaceX, is the initiator of the Hyperloop project and is involved in PayPal. There is a lot of work involved. Insiders therefore rumor that he works up to 100 hours a week. But how does he do it?

Patrick Hankinson is the founder of the time management system Hello Focus. On the question portal Quora, he answers how Musk copes with this tough program - and is extremely productive at the same time.

1. The right time management: batching

According to Hankinson, Elon Musk does not waste time on a lunch break - instead he combines lunch with meetings or answers emails in the meantime. The whole thing is called "Batching", a form of time management, in which similar tasks are summarized. Since the tasks are very similar, you work much more productively.

Speaking of emails: Musk claims to be a real one Email junkie: "I love emails. Wherever I can, I try to communicate asynchronously. I'm really good at it," he reveals in an interview with the online magazine Mashable.

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2. Strict schedule

This is the ultimate time management hack: According to Hankinson, Elon Musk is always working highly concentrated on a topic for five minutes. Then he jumps back to the next topic for five minutes and so on. This is supposed to be the most productive way to work. Of course, this only works with an assistant who has an eye on his strict schedule and provides him with the necessary documents.

Since Musk owns different companies, he spends his time at these companies alternately. Here's a typical schedule for his week that he revealed on Mashable:

  • Monday: SpaceX (Los Angeles)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Tesla (Palo Alto)
  • Thursday and half Friday: SpaceX (Los Angeles)
  • The rest of Friday: Tesla Design Studio (right next to SpaceX)
  • Weekend: with the family

3. Well-prepared employees

The Tesla boss also relies on excellent employees who can answer any of his questions immediately. This way he doesn't waste time waiting for answers.

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4. Feedback

Musk should always ask its employees for honest feedback in order to develop themselves further. "I think that's the best advice of all: Ask yourself and always think about how you could do your thing even better," he continues at Mashable.

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5. Focus only on the essentials

Also, according to Hankinson, Musk doesn't waste energy on work that is pointless. Like advertising, for example. In his opinion, if the product is good, it will sell without expensive marketing measures.

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