How do you overcome a monster

Article | This is how you overcome your fears

Everyone knows these thoughts of not being enough or of not being good enough.
But it is not so important whether you feel that way - it is much more important how you deal with these "voices in your head" that want to hold you back or with your fears. Do you choose to take control of your fears and let them guide you, or do you face them? The following four tips can help you with this.

 1) Develop a failure mindset

What do you mean with that? You must and should be much more gracious to yourself.
Because what happens if ...

... you start a course and nobody registers?
… You play a concert online and nobody is watching?
... you post something and nobody reacts to it?

Exactly. You conclude that your idea was bad, that you don't really master your instrument, or that you just post boring things. But that's exactly where the problem lies. This conclusion is simply wrong!
The bottom line should be that you are beginning to figure out what could have been the cause. To determine why things don't work, you need to know your numbers and put them in relation. What do I mean by that?
How many people were on your homepage (number of hits)? How many people bought something from it? You put these two numbers in relation - the result is the so-called "conversion rate" with which you can do something. The formula is: number of buyers: number of visitors x 100.

An example: You see that 1,000 people were on your side and two of them bought something. Your conversion rate is 0.2% - that's actually way too low. But now you can start here. How can you increase this number? So you go on troubleshooting.
For example, swap the photos (maybe the choice of stock photos just wasn't that good and it would make more sense to include your own images) Check whether the view of your site is optimized for mobile use. Is your offer formulated clearly enough? Is the added value clear or do you assume too much knowledge?