What is the national tree of Bhutan


Which animals live in Bhutan?

Since most of Bhutan's residents are Buddhists, they have great respect for wildlife. Some animals are even worshiped. This is why few people go fishing or hunting. This is a very special protection for the animals and the country's ecosystem has been kept in balance to this day.

The diversity of, for example, 580 bird species is protected in the national parks. Bhutan has a national bird, that's the one Crow. With us ravens are supposed to bring bad luck. Quite different in Bhutan, here he is worshiped like a god.

The national animal of Bhutan is the Takins, also called wildebeest goat. This animal can survive up to heights of 4000 meters and feeds on grasses and herbs that also grow in the mountains. But despite the protection of the animals, they are very rarely found in the wild, most of them live in zoos.

Despite its name, that too belongs Blue sheep to the goats. Its fur is gray, but often has a bluish tinge. It grazes high up in the Himalayas, between 3000 and 5000 meters.

As in other Himalayan countries, the yak a very important animal. This supplies milk, cheese and meat, but also wool, which is processed further, as well as leather. Its droppings are used as fuel. It has a fairly thick fur and can survive well in cooler temperatures.