How much money did King Solomon have

2 Chronicles 1
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King Solomon's Reign and the Construction of the Temple (Chapters 1-9)

King Solomon asks for wisdom (1 Kings 3: 4-15)

1 Solomon, David's son, became a great king. The Lord his God stood by him and made his power ever greater.

One day Solomon called the leading men of Israel: the captains and officers, the judges, the heads of the tribes and clans. He went with them to the sacrificial site in Gibeon, where the sacred tent was. Moses, the servant of the Lord, had once built it in the desert so that the people could meet God there. David had already brought the ark from Kirjat-Jearim to Jerusalem and placed it in a tent that he had erected for it there. But the bronze altar which Bezalel, son of Uri and grandson of Hur, had built, stood in Gibeon in front of the tent of the Lord. There Solomon and the Israelites gathered. Then the king had a thousand animals burned as burnt offerings on the bronze altar.

The following night God appeared to him and said to him: "Ask me what you want!" Solomon replied, “You have already done very good things to my father David. And now you've made me his successor. You let me rule a people as innumerable as the dust of the earth. Lord, my God, I ask you now to fulfill the promise you made to my father David! 10 Give me wisdom and understanding so that I can lead this people properly. For how else can I justly rule such a large people? "

11 Then God said to Solomon: “I am glad that you did not wish for great possessions, money or prestige, nor the death of your enemies or a long life. You have asked me for wisdom and understanding because you want to lead my people correctly, through whom I have made you king. 12 You shall get what you asked me for: wisdom and understanding. But I also want to give you so much possessions, money and prestige that no king before you had and no one after you will either. "

13 The next day, Solomon left the sacrificial site in Gibeon where the sacred tent was located. He returned to Jerusalem and ruled over his people from there.

Solomon's wealth and prestige (1 Kings 10: 26-29)

14 Solomon owned 1,400 chariots and 12,000 horses. Sometimes he placed them in the cities that he had built especially for them, and sometimes at the royal court in Jerusalem. 15 Silver and gold were as common as stones in its time in Jerusalem, and the precious cedar wood was as abundant as the wood of the sycamore trees in the Jewish hill country. 16 Solomon bought his horses in Egypt and in Cilicia[a]where his dealers picked them up and paid for them straight away. 17 Solomon also bought chariots in Egypt. He paid 600 pieces of silver for a carriage and 150 pieces of silver for a horse. His traders also supplied the kings of the Hittites and Syrians.

The first preparations for the construction of the temple (1 Kings 5: 15-32)

18 Solomon decided to build a temple for the Lord and a royal palace.