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Annabelle 3: The conjuring spin-off secures reinforcement from the main row

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga slip into the role of the Warrens for the first time outside of the main Conjuring series, according to a report. In Annabelle 3 it should be ready.

The horror doll beckons: Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga can be seen as Ed and Lorraine Warren in the first two Conjuring films. As investigators for paranormal, the couple takes on strange incidents involving ghosts, demons and other supernatural beings. As Deadline now wants to know, the two will also play in the upcoming Annabelle 3 and thus for the first time in a spin-off of the horror franchise. According to the side, the duo will appear in a kind of supporting role in the film.

The Warrens from The Conjuring drop by Annabelle 3

Already in the first conjuring part of 2013, the eponymous doll attracted attention. In the upcoming Annabelle 3 she is in the artefact room of the Warrens, which was believed to be safe, so that she cannot cause any further damage. But then the creepy doll manages to unleash the evil that lurks in that room. From now on, Judy, the daughter of the Warrens, is in Annabelle's crosshairs. The opening sequence of Conjuring 1 already introduced the doll as a Warrens case. Here two young nurses tell investigators about their frightening experiences with her.

For the staging of Annabelle 3, Gary Dauberman takes the director's chair for the first time. More recently, he also co-wrote the script for the two-part Stephen King film adaptation of It. In September he talked about his upcoming directorial debut. Most recently, The Nun presented one Connection to the Warrens here. How extensive the appearance of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in Annabelle 3 will ultimately be remains to be seen. The spin-off starts on 03.07.2019 in US theaters. When it will be so far in this country is still unclear.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Warrens again in the conjuring spin-off Annabelle 3?