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Course overview 2021 - details

Specialized course: 20IF-09-HW1 Introduction to Python

Target group: open
Requirements: no
Participants: 12
Credit Point (ECTS): 1
Service for CP: Submission of a Python project after the workshop


Python is a versatile programming language, easy to learn and currently the most widely used programming language for machine learning.

In this workshop, the participants get to know the elementary components such as variables, control structures, data types, functions and modules of Python. The numerous exercises help to test and deepen newly acquired knowledge.





Furtwangen University - Furtwangen Campus


Dr.-Ing. Tatsiana Malechka

After completing her doctorate at the Institute for Automation Technology (IAT) at the University of Bremen, Tatsiana Malechka works as a teacher for special tasks at the Georg Agricola Technical University in Bochum. At the same time, she works for the chemical company Evonik, where she is involved in the collection, processing and visualization of business-relevant information (business intelligence). Her other scientific interests are robotics, machine and deep learning and signal processing

Price for working people

€ 240,00

Price for part-time employees up to 50%

€ 120,00

Reduced price

€ 40,00

Price for working people 20% discount

€ 192,00

Exact course times:

Tue 22.09.
09.45 - 11.15
14.00 - 15.15
15.45 - 17.30

Wed 23.09.
08.45 - 10.15
10.45 - 12.15
13.45 - 15.15
15.45 - 17.15

Thursday, 09/24
08.45 - 10.15
10.45 - 12.15

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Target groups

  • Job seekers
  • Working people
  • Schoolgirls - course level
  • female students


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