The iPhone 11 has a reverse charge

Can the iPhone 11 do reverse charging?

Before the launch of the new iPhone 11 generation, many experts were certain that Apple smartphones would also be able to charge reverse charging - that is, for example, that the AirPods could be charged on the back. This hope did not come true at the Apple keynote last week, but the technology is supposed to be available anyway.

As the well-known Apple insider Sonny Dickson reports on Twitter, he learned from "reliable sources" that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro actually have the hardware for bilateral charging. However, the technology was deactivated by a setting in Apple's iOS. It is only unclear whether the feature was removed before the last production step.

Shutdown at the last second: Apple dissatisfied with feature

This apparently proves the rumors that were circulating a few days before the iPhone 11 launch and assumed that smartphones were charging in reverse. It was only shortly before the keynote that the realization emerged that the new iPhones would probably not offer the function after all - apparently because Apple had deactivated it "at the last second". Why is not yet clear. Observers like Ming-Chi Kuo suspect, however, that the manufacturer was not satisfied with the charging efficiency. It is also unknown whether the feature can simply be switched on again at a later point in time via a software update.

When the new iPhones go on sale on September 20, teardowns should quickly show whether the smartphones actually contain the technology for bilateral charging.