How are dogs trained for races

What must be considered when doing canicross?

Before the actual run, it is advisable to take a warm-up walk, during which the four-legged friend can also do their business. At the beginning you should train with one to two kilometers long stretches without bumps so that you both get used to running as a team and the train. This also applies to already sporty four-legged friends who can easily run 10 km at a stretch with you, because the challenges in canicross are different. After a few weeks you can increase the length of the route and additionally train the dog with small challenges such as a final sprint. Always run proactively with the trained dog and do not overwhelm your four-legged friend: If you have a long distance ahead of you, reduce the speed accordingly. Only train at up to a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius to prevent the dog from overheating. In summer, you should move the canicross units to the early hours of the morning or the evening. Also, always make sure that your four-legged friend drinks enough. When going downhill, it is best to let your sports friend run alongside or behind you, because pulling here could quickly lead to falls.

We wish you a lot of fun on all routes while exercising together with your four-legged friend!