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Microsoft Bing: Content Submission API now in public beta

The search engine Bing can be considered best of the rest behind Google in the global market. According to Statcounter, Bing has a global market share of 2.29 percent and is well ahead of Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo and Yandex. It is therefore not insignificant for webmasters to optimize their content for Bing as well. In Germany, the market share is even over five percent. Now the Microsoft search engine has announced that the Content Submission API will be transferred from the private to the public beta version. This enables webmasters to integrate their content into Bing's search faster. At the same time, the option should also reduce the crawling load caused by the BingBot on your websites.

Webmasters can now register for the beta version of the Content Submission API

The update for the Content Submission API was announced on the Microsoft Bing Blog. Thanks to the URL Submission API, webmasters were able to inform Bing about changes in URLs beforehand. But the Content Submission API, which is now accessible to other users, offers more. This allows Bing to be informed directly about changes to the URL and various other content changes. The blog post says accordingly:

This will not only help webmasters to reach to more relevant users on Bing but also will reduce BingBot crawl load on their sites.

All interested webmasters can register for the beta version of the API using a form. In order to use Bing's webmaster APIs, users must first generate an API key. In the account for the Bing Webmaster Tools - for which you can also register via Microsoft, Facebook or Google ID - you can add your own page. The users then have to verify them there. The webmasters can now go to API Access via the settings menu and create an API key.

The key is generated for users, not for pages. Therefore, users can use it for all of their verified pages at Bing Webmaster Tools. The webmasters can change this API key at any time.

Using various protocols, the webmasters then have the option of integrating the Webmaster API SubmitContent method into their system. An XML request sample or a JSON request sample is possible. You can find the examples for this in detail on the Bing blog. If the URL submission is successful, webmasters will receive an HTTP 200 response. Now the pages are ready to be indexed and Bing can crawl them in real time.

With this update, webmasters can immediately forward any content changes on their pages to the Microsoft search engine. Integration in the web content management system also enables Bing to automatically recognize changes immediately after publication.

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