Which state has 1,350 miles of coastline

Top 10 states with the most coastlines in the world

When you are spending a packed summer vacation at the beach point, you need to look for a state of prime coastline. I'm right? Which state has the highest number of coasts? That is the question arise in your head? If so, check out this list of the top 10 most coastline states in the world.

10. California

It is no surprise that California is always chosen by beach lovers for their vacation. There are approximately 840 miles of California coastline and a must to visit place in summer. Some of the famous beaches are Laguna Beach in Orange County, Venice Beach, as well as many others.

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(9) Louisiana

There are many attractions that you would enjoy during your stay in Louisiana. This state has around 397 miles of coastline, with the exception of the myriad of bays. One of the main coastal attractions of this place is Barataria Bay, which attracts the attention of thousands of tourists every year.

(8) Florida

Florida is one of the most coastal countries in the world. Its peninsula shape adds great value to the state attraction. The temperature here remains moderate, which means that you can enjoy wonderful vacations in this land of beauties. The coastline extends for an approximate area of ​​1,350 miles.

(7) Alaska

Alaska wins method 1 and method 2 when it comes to coastlines. Method 1 has it with 33,904 miles of shoreline and even more with Method 2. In the summer there are a variety of activities that you can enjoy on the beach. The temperature often stays frozen so don't forget to bring warm clothing with you.

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(6) Virginia

Virginia has high average coastal elevation than any other state in the world. Its coastline extends for an approximate area of ​​112 miles, but don't forget Chesapeake Bay and the various tidal estuaries around it that make the figure approximately 3,315 miles.

(5) Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most coastal countries in the world. It has a high percentage of tourists compared to neighboring places. You can look forward to seductive beaches and relaxed atmosphere, great enhancement of the overall impression of the state on the tourists.

(4) Michigan

Michigan is a fantastic example of the differences between the two methods. The center of geography students and of course marine researchers has always been. The beaches of Michigan have a mixture of water, cold and warm, making it an ultimate tourist center.

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(3) North Carolina

North Carolina has approximately 3,375 miles of coastline including bays. The southern Carolina is descending at a diagonal (following Highway 74). It is a beautiful and must visit tourist point. The island itself is 200m wide in some places and catches the attention of tourists worldwide.

(2) Maine

Maine is one of the most coastal countries in the world. It has crystal clear water in almost all of its beaches. The water around Deer Island and North Haven is a must visit if you happen to visit this beautiful place. The temperature here remains normal throughout the year.

(1) Texas

Texas is another American state on our most coastline list. Its lush beaches are world famous. The approximate length of the Texas coastline is 3,359 miles from them when you count areas like Padre Island National Park. This is a wonderful and remarkable tourist point. Have you visited Texas before?

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