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Travel to the Philippines

The Austrian business delegates not only know the local economy: They are also your personal travel guides

Travel information

So that you arrive safely and do not stand in front of closed doors, our business delegates give you an overview of the most important information on arrival and departure, public holidays and business hours, as well as safety instructions. Nothing can go wrong on your business trip.

You can also find travel information in the Philippines country report.


Up to a stay of 30 days you can get a visa at the airport, for which only proof of the return or onward journey (flight ticket) is required. For a longer stay, a visa must be applied for at a Philippine representative authority in Austria, which entitles you to a stay of up to 59 days. On-site, the 30-day stay can be extended twice upon request.

Vaccinations are not mandatory, proof of a yellow fever vaccination is only required if the entry is from a contaminated area. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended when traveling to certain areas of the Philippines. Immunization against hepatitis A & B and tetanus is definitely recommended.

Holidays and business hours

Holidays 2021

01.01. New Years Day
02/12 Chinese New Years Festival
25.02. EDSA Revolution Day
04/01 Maundy Thursday
04/02 Good Friday
04/03 Holy Saturday
04/09 Day of honor
01.05. Labor Day
13.05. Eidul Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast)
06/12 Independence day
07/20 Eidul Adha (Islamic Festival of Sacrifice)
08/21 Ninoy Aquino day
08/30 National Heroes Remembrance Day
01.11. All Saints' Day
11/02 All Souls
11/30 Bonifacio Day
December 8th Immaculate conception
12/24 Christmas eve
25.12. Christmas
12/30 Rizal day
December 31 New Year's Eve

The days listed above are public holidays with limited business activity. Other holidays or days of remembrance are not celebrated or only regionally or only by certain population groups. Nevertheless, there may be restrictions on business activities.

For travelers to the Philippines, it is therefore worthwhile to find out which public holidays are added in the province. If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday is often declared a public holiday.

Other Information

Climate: The Philippines has a tropical climate, the seasons are divided into the dry season in the first half of the year with the hottest months of April and May and the rainy season in the second half of the year, when typhoons are to be expected. In any case, travelers should inform themselves about the weather situation.

Time zone: CET +7, CEST +6

Electricity: 220 V, 60 Hz (AC), flat plug (American system)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to the southern Mindanao region because of the risk of terrorist attacks and kidnapping of foreign nationals in the region. In the rest of the country, travelers should avoid large crowds and exercise caution, especially in poorer regions.

Basically, the security situation in the business districts of Metro Manila is okay. Care should be taken to only use official taxis. Hotels usually call taxis for their guests and write down the license plate number. Insist that the taxi drivers turn on the taximeter.

General emergency number: 117

For more security information about the Philippines, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce assumes no guarantee or liability for the completeness of the travel information and any damage resulting therefrom.

Hotels and restaurants

The Austrian business delegates know the local economy. - In every sense!

From bars around the corner for a business lunch to a five-star restaurant for signing a contract: Here you will find restaurant and hotel tips for every occasion.


Barbara's Heritage Restaurant
Plaza San Luis, General Luna St, Manila
T +63 2 8527 4083

744 General Luna St, Intramuros, Manila
T +63 2 8527 3674

G / F P2 Greenbelt 5, Metro Manila
T +63 2 7576 2991


New World Makati Hotel (5 stars)
Esperanza Drive cor. Makati Avenue, Manila
T +63 2 8811 6888

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences (4 Star)
119 L.P. Leviste St., Manila
T +63 2 8828 4774

City Garden Hotel Makati (3 stars)
7870 Makati Avenue cor Kalayaan Avenue, Manila
T +63 2 8899-1111

Dos and don'ts

Our Foreign Trade Center has prepared some information on local business practices for you so that you can move around the world safely.

Filipino culture is a mix of Spanish, American and of course Asian culture. At first glance, the American influence is particularly evident in a similar cityscape with shopping centers and fast food restaurants. When dealing with Filipinos, it is also noticeable that you are immediately addressed by your first name and the other person asks about your nickname. Nicknames like Ted, Bill, BJ but also Bong, Ding Dong, Babe, Tin or T-Boy are quite normal and are sometimes also printed on business cards.

It is important for the Filipino to preserve the face in a typical Asian way, i.e. not to be exposed in public. Therefore, in the event of disagreements with your Filipino partner, you should never reprimand them in public. In the private sphere, one should always give the Filipino the feeling of appreciating his position and his individuality.

The family is the most important thing for every Filipino. Include family members, if appropriate, in the conversation or in your invitations. However, inviting family members is not common in the business world. Maintain business relationships through invitations.

Do not carry too much cash or jewelry when using public transport within the Philippines.

Our book "Dos and Don‘ts", which you can find in the WKÖ's web shop, offers more intercultural know-how.