Is Nikolai Kapustin's music considered jazz

Nikolai Kapustin

Quote from Gomez de Riquet:

... and whoever would like to associate it with racism,
Maybe the discreet hint that they were Jews helps ...

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... their parents or grandparents from Russia in view of the constant discrimination
fled to the USA through the tsarist bureaucracy and fear of new pogroms.

And one should not forget that Gershwin was introduced to "Porgy and Bess"
Succeeded decades before the end of US apartheid,
to open the opera houses to "black" singers
- before that was absurd - and that Copland during the "New Deal" in numerous,
the American Communist Party was active
and had great difficulties because of it in the infamous McCarthy era -
Among other things, was on the black list with the names of those who were composers of film music
couldn't find work in Hollywood.

Now someone could hatefully say: well, politically correct biography -
But the music is still a mess.

At best, what bothers me about the "Rhapsody in blue" is that it is too long and inside of it
too much literally repeated - but the obtrusive, noisy instrumentation
is not from Gershwin, but from Whiteman's chief ranger Ferde Grofé.
Otherwise it is an original piece of music. And if "Summertime" doesn't touch
there is probably no longer any help in this world.

And lovers of extravagant piano music should check out Copland's "Piano Variations"
listen to it, play it best - this is still largely unknown music in this country:

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We want to hope so.