What are the uses of Slack

What is Slack - what can I use it for?


A channel (channel) in Slack is like a Chat room for discussions that are mostly about a specific topic. Depending on the settings, only certain users or the whole team can follow the discussion. To send a notification to all users on the channel, enter @channel and then your message.

This can create displeasure when writing in a major channel. Especially when the participants of the channel are in several Time zones are located. But when using the command @channel you will definitely get the participants' attention.


To a notification only send to a specific person within a channel, you give @username a. The entered text can then only be read by the person addressed.

/ me

If you find yourself in the third person want to speak, this is the correct command. For example, if you want to take a break, you can do so with the / me-Command convenient to communicate to all participants of the channel. If you / me is going on lunch break type in, the others read: [Your name] is on lunch break.


Direct / private message between you and someone else on the channel.

Private Group

Works like a channel, but only on invitation. Useful as a “one-way” room for events, quick team discussions or gossip.


This command is almost identical to @channel, but only participants who are currently online and active are.

/ giphy

In Slack Chats it is possible to have the conversation with Emoticons and loosen up images from the web. The animated GIFs from Giphy offer another nice variant of the decoration. To insert this, you first have to use the command / giphy enter. Then you can search through the extensive pool of animated GIFs using key words such as “Birthday”, “Food” or “Xmas”.

/ shrug

Inserts ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ in your message.

/ open

Open one newchannel.

/ leave

This will exit the current channel.

/ collapse

Hides all images and GIFs in a channel.