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Young Viennese Architects (Yo.V.A.) 4plus - participating architecture offices

For the fourth edition of "Young Viennese Architects", young Viennese landscape architecture firms were also eligible to participate for the first time. In November 2014, a jury headed by Professor Bart Lootsma selected eleven offices to participate. In summer 2015 a book with projects and plans from the following offices will be published by Birkhäuser Verlag.

one-to-one architecture

Einszueins creates living spaces for people. They are primarily concerned with developing lively places together with the future residents. They are committed to the founding of building groups as well as to cooperative planning processes and build residential buildings with mixed-use ground floors that are important far into the Grätzel. Process and dialogue-oriented working methods are constantly reflected with their own highly ambitious goals and visibly confirm the success in implementation.

one-to-one architecture


Ten team members present franz and represent the young generation with reduced architecture, with countless competitions and with common strength. Cooperation and living together are part of the program and, at the same time, a model of life and work. Partying and eating are just as much a part of it as children or a so-called "fight club", a place where honest opinions about current projects are exchanged. A really lived popular culture!

franz architects

göbl architecture

Lukas Göbl says he lives architecture with all of his senses. Always. All over. His diverse oeuvre ranges from the built to visionary architectural drawings and the founding of the "New Frontiers" association. His multi-layered commitment to architecture, which he knows how to implement confidently and in a goal-oriented manner, is remarkable. The young architect was shaped by the Dutch office MVRDV and his master class with Professor Wolf D. Prix. In addition, Göbl explains: He works similarly to MVRDV, but with emotion!

günter mohr architect

Günter Mohr's works are characterized by the fact that they don't have to scream to be heard. They respectfully arrange themselves in the given, with the claim to be allowed to age gracefully. His approach and his architectural response to the subject of mobility are interesting: the train is intended to replace the car as a status symbol. To get this mental change going, you need visible symbols - just like his station building for Korneuburg.

günter mohr - architect


Lostinarchitecture transforms empty streets into hotel rooms and enriches Yppenplatz with a temporary sculpture made of recyclable PET bottles. "Recycling" and the use of unusual materials run like a red thread through her work. Her spatial aesthetics are exciting, which arise process-wise and consistently with poetic imperfection, sometimes also through vandalism.


miss_vdr architecture

The three women from miss_vdr have set the bar high for themselves: integer-fair-own-communication-whole-core-progress-human-co-op-active are their ten resolutions on which they orient their work. With and for the people, taking into account social fairness, get to the essential core of the matter, accompany them on their independently chosen path. As the youngest team, they are at the beginning of their work, but have already proven that they can build, stage and publish. Your work looks promising in every way.

space-craft ARCHITECTURE

Space-craft, a landscape architect and an architect, research, design and build for terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments. They like to labor in extremes, in the spatial conditions of astronauts, the homeless as well as children, and try to subsume design methods from this. The built spatial concept of a dental laboratory is based on the findings of laboratory research in space. An interesting and spatially infinite field of work!

space craft

zwoPK technical office for landscape planning

ZwoPK defines landscape architecture as an innovative field for the temporary, productive, social and urban. With their projects and their commitment to the involvement of young people, residents and many more, they set important impulses for open spaces in Vienna's urban area. At zwoPK, resource-saving use is more or less part of the program, because convincing and high appreciation finds perfect implementation with a minimal budget!

zwoPK landscape architecture landscape planning

belly plan). (

Bauchplan works in Vienna and Munich; two cultures that stimulate each other in exchange and in dealing with landscape architecture. For the team, urban farming means more than just tending a kitchen garden together. With "Agropolis" they have developed an urban planning tool from this. You work on different scales, from gardens to urban landscape development, at least in Munich - possibly a model, also for Vienna!

belly plan

idealice technical office for landscape architecture

Alice Großinger speaks from experience. For many years she has been working mainly in urban areas and can look back on a wide and interesting range of realizations, competitions, participation processes and more. In doing so, she always puts the user of the space in the foreground and develops her landscape planning concepts for people based on the general conditions of the location. The high quality permeates her entire work down to the last detail.


Schenker Salvi Weber Architects

Schenker Salvi Weber, a team of architects with roots in the craft: a carpenter and two trained structural draftsmen have been consistently following the path of the open architecture competition since 2009, with Swiss precision. Years of perseverance, hard work and also taking defeat have now paid off. They have recently been harvesting what has been sown. Competitive wins, such as the current post office in Rasumofskygasse, in cooperation with the feld72 office, have given the office the substance it needs to continue to be involved in architectural matters.


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